senior states day 2 and 3 update

Please see attachments below regarding this weekend. These include marshaling lists for all events. Please don’t be panicked by the number of entries in each event, most clubs just enter everyone in everything. Also as per usual, all teams are not final, we may make changes on the day due to a number of situations. Marshaling will open from 7am in the club rooms, which will have to be done by all competitors, not team managers, or one person marshaling for a bunch of people.

Events are scheduled to kick off from 8am, so we will need everyone on the beach by 7am, to ensure we have enough time to marshall and warm up.

Also attached is the overall point score where we currently sit in 9th place, but not far behind a bunch of teams.

The other attachments include the final circular and programs for day two and 3.

Meals will be available from 5:30pm on Sunday and we do ask if people could book, to give our kitchen an idea of how many are coming. We will aim to start presentations around 7:30pm


Final Marshal Senior States Day 2 3

2016 Senior State Titles Day2

overall points score

C16004 Senior State Champs

2016 Senior State Titles Day 3(1)

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