As at 1st of October Semaphore SLSC will reintroduce a Members Card that will confer discounts on Bar and Bistro offerings.

Initially the card will be issued to all 2020/21 renewed and new members who are fully financial except those under 13 years old and registered for the Nipper program.

This requires that each member has

  • Renewed or created their online membership record via the Members Portal; and
  • Fully paid any associated membership fee.

Members Card Terms and Conditions


  • confers 10 % discount on Bar Items and Bistro Meals
  • is only valid for the person to which it is issued and cannot be transferred
  • must be presented by a member physically or electronically to   receive benefit (see below for information on ‘Stocard’ a loyalty card phone application)
  • only valid if membership is, active as per the SLSA membership system and financial for each applicable season (Season defined as 1st Oct to 30th Sept)
  • does not entitle discount for function catering or beverages 
  • Semaphore SLSC reserves the right to amend or remove any discounts associated at any time 
  • Semaphore SLSC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of its use at any time.

By use of this card you agree to the terms and conditions of its use

‘Stocard’ loyalty card mobile app information can be found on their website