Boats Corner

An excellent day on the beach with five team racing. And special thanks to Simsy, Johno, Bizz and Kirsty for keeping me sane and going in the right direction on the beach in the organised chaos.


Unfortunately we had to pull the undecideds and we hope Claire is feeling better from her unscheduled Surgery and returns soon


The U19s ran out of legs unfortunately with a fourth in their final but were able to back up in the U23s final and  get Bronze. They also succeeded in a whole season of not helping to pack or unpack the boats before or after carnivals.


TROGs competed in Open men with an average age three times that of the A graders and were able to continually scare the As over the line in front of them. Excellent solid performance and good preparation for Aussies.


The Angry birds had their baby bird in their wings, Michelle, and had a terrific day with the highlight being in the charge with four boats over the wave in the last heat. Excellent performance and good conditions for Michelle’s first carnival.


JACCOs had a cracking day with eight rows covering 6.4 KMs at sprint pace.  2 rows for the Lifesaver relay coming 2nds in the boats both times with the team coming 4th in the final. JACCOs did their 3 heats (two first and one second)  Semi (second) and made it into the Final with a very respectable Fourth. Hard earnt – terrific effort.


The U23s have been rowing for 6 months now, and came out with a shaky start  to recover in the third heat pushing them into the final from which they got a very hard earned Bronze. Awesome outcome for their first year and very proud of their efforts. 2nd Women’s medal rowing in semaphore history, and first every Women’s 23 rowing medal.


Thanks to those Boaties that Supported the Saturday Patrol while the seniors were at Day two of State championships.


Last carnival is on 3rd April and getting ready for Aussies.

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