2023/24 Nipper Presentation Day

Nippers End of 2023/2024 season presentation brought out our whole club to celebrate all of our young athletes this past weekend!
Congratulations to all of our Nippers; to those that showed up every week, those that overcame their fears, those that tried their best, those that achieved something great just for themselves and those that just had fun and gave everything a go. Well done to every Nipper, we are all very proud of you!
A huge congratulations to the following young athletes that were awarded for their efforts and achievements this season:
Team Spirit Award: Dante W
Coaches Award: Paige Forde
Most Improved: Jordan Rantanen
Coaches Award: Connor Terrell
Most Improved: Ella Stevenson
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Austin Quemard
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Asha Krauter
Male Club Champion: Archer Russell
Female Club Champion: Billie Davidson
Coaches Award: Jett Russell
Most Improved: Macey Craddock
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Seth Cutting
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Molly Wilson
Male Club Champions: Kai Nicks + Angus Self
Female Club Champion: Kirby Bampton
Coaches Award: Sam Charlton
Most Improved: Jack Moss
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Leo Nichols
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Harriet Lehmann
Male Club Champion: Sebastian McDonnell
Female Club Champion: Koa Boundy
Coaches Award: Wyatt Russell
Most Improved: Zachary Mudge
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Angus Rawe
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Stella Perry
Male Club Champion: Zeb Davidson
Female Club Champion: Ella Nicks
Coaches Award: Tucker Wynne
Most Improved: Ollie Rawe
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Hendrix Whetstone
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Estelle Lucus
Male Club Champion: Abel Clifford
Female Club Champion: Parker Copley
Coaches Award: Ayana Santelices
Most Improved: Sunny McIlroy
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Connor Goodchild
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Maggie Lehmann
Male Club Champion: Jack McAlpine
Female Club Champion: Zyla Boundy
Coaches Award: Max McEvoy
Most Improved: Eloise Beehag
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Albert Charleson
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Piper Russell
Male Club Champion: Thomas Tunney
Female Club Champion: Poppy Grygorcewicz
Coaches Award: Ethan Hutchinson-Rehn
Most Improved: Tallulah Whetstone
Male Runners-Up Club Champion: Finn Maddern
Female Runners-Up Club Champion: Charli McAlpine
Male Club Champion and Nipper of the Year: Noah Hennig
Female Club Champion and Nipper of the Year: Sofia Zampatti
A special congratulations goes to our “Junior Club Person of the Year’ Remmie Birrell and our “Parent of the Year” Tracy Pentecost. Both exemplify what it means to be amazing members of our club and both are such deserved winners we couldn’t think of anyone else this season to receive both awards!
Congratulations to you all!