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Club use this weekend

Following is a list of times for services such as Canteen and Uniform shop and commitments to spaces around the Club this weekend.  It gives a great indication to the many uses of our wonderful Club.


Saturday 12.11.16

Skydivers – 6.30am – 5.00pm – Bistro

Bronze Training – 8.30am – 12.30pm – Boats Area

Uniform Shop – 11.00am – 1.00pm

Canteen – 11:30am-12:30pm and after training 2:30-4:00pm.

Draw -5.00 – 6.00pm

Private Birthday – Bar and Balcony 6.00pm – 12.00am.


Sunday 13.11.16

Skydivers 6.30am – 5.00pm – Bar and Balcony

Gingerbread Men Junior – 1.00pm – 3.00pm *Kitchen needed then the whole club from 3.00pm – 6.00pm.

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