Training Weekly Report

Lots happening in the world of training at the Semaphore SLSC.  There are always opportunities to upskill if you are willing to have a go.

Award Achieved


Congratulations to Charlie Conybear for achieving his SRC at West Beach on Saturday 5 November.  He attended a SRC/Bronze assessment with 28 other young people from Glenelg and West Beach. Charlie completed his first patrol on 5 November. A big thank you to Jennifer Hansen for taking time off work to attend this assessment as the trainer of this group.

Assessments Booked

IRB Crew – Saturday 19 November – 5 people with Neil as trainer

Bronze/SRC – Saturday 3 December – 4 SRC and 2 Bronze – 3 have completed practice patrol and others will complete this on Saturday 19 November – with Heather and Andrew as Trainers

Training Officer – Saturday 3 December – Andrew Spencer and Heather as Trainer



 Please ensure that you have completed your online Skills Maintenance for all your awards here is the link:  then login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006)  Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to learning online”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SKILLS MAINTENANCE”. SRC do “resus”, Bronze do “resus” and “radio”.” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members J

Bronze/SRC and ARTC

Next Proficiency is during Patrol on Saturday 12 November.  The swim will be conducted at 3pm and you must have completed all other parts of assessment prior to then including rescues so if attending just to do proficiency please arrive no later than 1:45pm. If only have rescues and swim no later than 2:45pm.

Currently we have 40 people dryly proficient and the first 12 people completed their Rescues and Run/Swim/Run

ATV Driver

Next Proficiency at 3pm Saturday 12 November

IRB Crew/Driver

Next proficiency at 10am on Saturday 19 November Brian Hession will run proficiencies from 10am until 11am so please make an effort to attend if not already done.

Currently have 17 IRB Crew and 10 IRB Driver proficient

Waiting List for Courses


Firstly you must log your drivers licence with surf life saving using your online portal:   then go to “lifesaving online/renewals, then to “personal details” then you can add your drivers license and don’t forget to click submit once done (whilst your there please check email and mobile numbers)

You should have received an email with ATV Operator Certificate Learning Guide and Code of Conduct for you to complete and bring with you to the assessment if not you can find this in online portal. then library, then library then Education then member, then SLSA, then Lifesaver Learner Guides, then ATV Operator Certificate Learner Guide

We will be conducting ATV assessments/proficiency at 3pm On:

Saturday 12 November

Sunday 20 November

Saturday 26 November

Saturday 3 December

Saturday 17 December

Also offering a session at 12noon on Saturday 19 November.

Advanced Resus

We currently have 2 people registered.  This is a course to enable you to provide a higher level of oxygen using OP airway, oxy bag as well as suction.  Do you have Senior First Aid or Bronze Medallion?? Of so let us know and we will get a course organised once we have 8 people. Dylan or Kylie have agreed to help run this course.



Please ensure that you have completed your First Aid with Surf Life saving before your course is due to start, we have included November and December dates below as this is a pre-requisite for Bronze/SRC with Semaphore.

Timed Swim: You can work on your swimming at the Portside Swim Centre on Wednesday nights – we have 4 people working on this as we speak so come along and join the fun….

Actual date of Timed swim TBA (must be completed pre course starting)– Please advise once ready for timed swim


200m in 5 mins (SRC)

400m in 9 mins (Bronze)

You can buy the manual at the clothing store or bar for the theory information.  Please connect to the online workbook(must be completed prior to course commencing) then you login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006)

Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to learning online”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SKILLS MAINTENANCE”. SRC do “resus”, Bronze do “resus” and “radio”.” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members 🙂

We would hope the latest a course would run is January/February 2017.  Please note that we have a trainer on semester break from Uni so if you have friends that are interested in a compressed course get them together and let us know.


IRB Crew

Are you interested but not sure?? Then “Come and Try” on 3rd December from 3:30pm until 4:30pm when Neil Bisset is on Patrol as Driver… be aware you may not be the only one 🙂

IRB Driver

Please note that you must be a Crew and have undertaken a good level of patrol hours covering Semaphore and more advanced waters and have a boat license which you must log with surf via the online portal. Once this is done register your interest.



Reduced cost course at $95 per person

Venue: Surf House 2 Barcoo Road West Beach, SA, 5024

Time: 9am until 5pm

Dates Options:

Saturday 26 November

Tuesday 29 November

Saturday 10 December

Tuesday 20 December.

Please book directly with Surf Life Saving SA on (08) 8354 690 or

Thanks from the Training Team

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