Juniors Weekly Update

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Lots of information in this week’s update.  Some individual posts of the information will be coming out too so as not to overwhelm you! 

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Congratulations to those who completed part of their proficiencies last weekend and we hope to cover more off this weekend and on Wednesday evening.  A reminder that each participant must complete two proficiency swims but they must be on different days.


I have attached the circular for Junior Carnival 1 at Somerton on November 20. Please note the starting times for each area.  Below is information regarding the Junior Nipper Clinic open to Under 8’s through to Under 11’s.

Please contact me if you have any questions or queries.


To grow and develop the Junior Lifesavers coming up through the ranks, Surf Life Saving SA has enlisted the help of the High Performance Athletes to pass on their winning skills.

Time: 11:00am- 12:30pm
Where: Clinic Area, Somerton Beach
Price: $10 per child
What to bring: Hi Vis Rashie, Water bottle, Sunscreen, Wide Brim hat & long sleeve top or rash top.


Time: 2:00pm 3:45pm
Where: Pink Area, Somerton Beach
Price: $10 per child (free with carnival
What to bring: Nipper Board, Hi Vis Rashie, Water bottle, Sunscreen, Wide Brim hat & long sleeve top or rash top.

The clinics will be a fun, enjoyable experience with the inclusion of beach games and water games. Athletes will be specifically looking at the skills of wading and bunny hopping.

How to register: Places are limited please have your club register you through the Event management system.
Please note clubs will need to provide Age Group Managers for the children in the clinic for the duration of the clinic.


This week:-


Wednesday 9/11 – Ocean timed swim opportunity for Under 9 & Under 10 5.30pm on the beach for those who want to try it again


Junior Pool Swimming

Largs Bay Swim Centre Victoria Road Largs Bay 7-8pm Cost $4.00 This is open to proficient members from last season.


Friday 11/11 –  No Junior Board Training

Due to the meeting at Surf House at 6.00pm.


Saturday 12/11 – Junior Training

No March Past Training this week

Start 12.45 pm on the lawn, for come and try please ensure you register upstairs and receive you top and cap prior to training commencing.

We will again be raffling a meat tray and a Westfield voucher so be sure to get your ticket!



Sunday 13 November 1-3pm – Making Ginger Bread People.  Numbers are strictly limited. Please text me on 0419816911 if attending with the number of children taking part

Saturday 19 November  – Being Part of our Float at the Port Pageant

Sunday 20 November  – First Junior Carnival at Somerton – We require two qualified water cover personnel for both the AM and PM schedule please let me know if you are able to assist with this requirement.

Saturday 26 November – Junior Disco 6.30-9.30pm tickets available from the registration table upstairs and the canteen.

Education and training update November

The Training Team would like to take this opportunity to explain why we have moved to online workbooks and skills maintenance as we know that there have been a few struggles but most people have got there.

We hope that being online will assist us with ensuring that we can demonstrate that all of our members are compliant which when dealing with insurances and legal situations we are required to do. As Surf Life Saving SA is a Registered Training Organisation they need to have documentation to show when incidents occur and that has been limited in recent years and unfortunately clubs do not have the space to store such documents. In the past candidates, have been told to keep their own workbooks and I am sure that very feuw of us would have this to hand should an incident occur and we need to demonstrate what we had been taught so online it is with data back up in case of fire etc.

So, the link is:
https://portal.sls.com.au then login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006) Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to learning online”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SKILLS MAINTENANCE”. SRC do “resus”, Bronze do “resus” and “radio”.” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members J

Awards Achieved

Congratulations to Seth Bartlett for taking that next qualification from being a “Great SRC to have on patrol” to a Bronze Medallion holder (quoted from Club Captain as well as a few other people who have spotted his great work on patrol). Congratulations to Taya Bartlett, Cooper Clee, Cameron Eckert, Jasmin Gibbins and Emma Weir for achieving their SRC and undertaking their observation patrols prior to getting their qualification. A great achievement for the group is that they then went on to complete their first patrol in their new award as a group, followed by a relaxing pizza to celebrate at the club. Thanks to all club members who took the time to come over and demonstrate your appreciation of their achievement of qualifying their faces said it all.

Semaphore Training group is very proud that our youngest trainer, Jennifer Hansen has trained yet another great group whilst she continues to train as a teacher for the local schools (we can only hope). Jen commenced training a squad of about 10 young people during the October school holidays & continued to provide update sessions dependent on weather up until 29th October 2016. As well as the 6 above Jen will be down at West Beach supporting a Charlie Conybear to gain his SRC as he was away last weekend, unfortunately the other young person is injured and unable to take part but will link with the next group.

Also big call out to the parents as with the recent weather there have been significant changes to the plans of the course and with everyones timetables it has meant working as a team to get things done which we did.

Current Closed Courses


The Bronze Course which started on 22 October 2016 has 2 Bronze and 4 SRC’s, (3 SRC’s attended some of the SRC training in the holiday but due to injury or short notice of training they were unable to commit to the entire course so have been across 2 courses which has had its struggles and we thank their parents for their support in this. They are all working hard towards being assessed on 3 December 2016 and we have Heather Eckert training this squad and Andrew Spence undertaking his trainer’s assessment with this course.

A few of this Bronze/SRC group took the opportunity to celebrate with the new SRC’s and Bronze holders on Saturday 29 October and completed their observation patrol early which demonstrates the great sportsmanship of this family club. You will see the others on the 19 November after their pre-assessment.

IRB Crew
IRB Crew course started in August with 4 new crew and 1 returning they are now preparing for their assessment on 19/11/16 thanks to Neil Bissett


Thanks to Brian Hession from Grange for undertaking 17 IRB Crew and 10 IRB Driver proficienices on Friday 28 October and thanks to all that made the effort to be there as it was short notice.

ARTC, ATV, Bronze, Radio and SRC proficiencies are well under way with 26 people having completed their dry proficiencies and 1 having completed their swim and rescues.

Next Bronze/ARTC/ATV/SRC & Radio proficiency is on Saturday 5 November 2016 which is Ducky Patrol so feel free to come down anytime from 1pm for dry proficiency or for 3pm if wanting to do your wet proficiency (but be aware may need time to organise so do not expect to be done immediately. Please note that as well as swim run swim you will need to be ready to do a tube and board rescue as well. From 3:30pm until 4:30pm we hope to undertake ATV proficiencies and if you have completed the workbook you can do your assessment.

Waiting Lists for Courses

Interested in any of the courses please log into this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/344030782655026/ to get updates on courses starting, timed swims and general updates as well as having people to ask questions.


A workbook will be sent out to all Patrol members on Thursday 3 November 2016 please let us know if you have not received this. We are hoping to undertake ATV practical assessments on the date of proficiencies from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. Please note that unless your license is registered with surf lifesaving (check the online portal) you will be unable to do this.) Should you wish to do this please bring a current drivers license and ensure that you are wearing fully enclosed shoes

Advanced Resus

We currently have 2 people registered. This is a course to enable you to provide a higher level of oxygen using OP airway , oxy bag as well as suction. Do you have Senior First Aid or Bronze Medallion?? Of so let us know and we will get a course organised once we have 8 people. Dylan or Kylie have agreed to help run this course.


Please ensure that you have completed your First Aid with Surf Life saving before your course is due to start, we have included November and December dates below as this is a pre-requisite for Bronze/SRC with Semaphore.

Timed Swim: You can work on your swimming at the Portside Swim Centre on Wednesday nights – we have 4 people working on this as we speak so come along and join the fun….

Actual date of Timed swim TBA (must be completed pre course starting)– Please advise jenniecharlton1@msn.com once ready for timed swim

200m in 5 mins (SRC)
400m in 9 mins (Bronze)

You can buy the manual at the clothing store or bar for the theory information. Please connect to the online workbook(must be completed prior to course commencing) https://portal.sls.com.au then you login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006)

Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to learning online”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SKILLS MAINTENANCE”. SRC do “resus”, Bronze do “resus” and “radio”.” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members J

We would hope the latest a course would run is January/February 2017. Please note that we have a trainer on semester break from Uni so if you have friends that are interested in a compressed course get them together and let us know.

IRB Crew

Are you interested but not sure?? Then “Come and Try” on 3rd December from 3:30pm until 4:30pm when Neil Bisset is on Patrol as Driver… be aware you may not be the only one J

IRB Driver
Please note that you must be a Crew and have undertaken a good level of patrol hours covering Semaphore and more advanced waters and have a boat license which you must log with surf via the online portal. Once this is done register your interest.


Reduced cost course at $95 per person
Venue: Surf House 2 Barcoo Road West Beach, SA, 5024
Time: 9am until 5pm
Dates Options:
Saturday 26 November
Tuesday 29 November
Saturday 10 December
Tuesday 20 December.
Please book directly with Surf Life Saving SA on (08) 8354 690 or surflifesaving@surflifesavingsa.com.au

flag red and yellow

Education October 2016

The SRC/Top Up Bronze course has their Assessment on 29/10/16 so watch out for them on their first patrol on Saturday afternoon. The Bronze Course has started this week and they will be assessed on 3/12/16, this is a closed course and so anyone now wishing to join a course will wait until the next course running in January/February 2017. In the meanwhile, you can work on your swimming at the Portside Swim Centre on Wednesday nights and connect to the online workbook using this user guide to get to the online portal. (can links be put to the circular and user guide)

Any current active users in the PULSE system need to complete their course prior to 31 October. You should have all been emailed and advised of this. To continue with your course in PULSE after 19/10/16 you will need to go directly to the PULSE website at this link: https://slsa.interactiontraining.net rather than accessing through Members Portal account. From here they just login as normal and continue their course. Any member IT issues should be directed to the helpdesk as always.

IRB Crew course started in August and they are now preparing for their assessment on 19/11/16.

Proficiencies are well under way with 15 people having completed their dry proficiencies and 1 having completed all aspects. Our next Bronze/ARTC/ATV proficiency is on 30/10/16 on patrol so if you are coming down to just do proficiency please come down anytime from 1pm but note that others may be there so it may take time. IRB Crew and Driver Proficiency will be taking place on 28/10/16 at 5pm until 7pm with extra call out to Brian Hession from Grange for assisting us with this so please get there if you can.

Remember if you are wanting to undertake any training please contact me on jenniecharlton1@msn.com and make sure that you have set up an online learning so that you can be linked to the appropriate online learning materials.


Jennie Charlton

get in a boat

Boat Licence Course

A Boat Licence Course is being held at Glenelg SLSC on Thursday 26th May. The session will start at 7pm SHARP, cost is $5 for Surf Life Saving Bronze holders (mention your club’s name when booking) or $40 for general public, cash only on the night. Minimum age is 16 and Photo ID must be produced on the night for all attendees (drivers licence, etc).


**PLEASE NOTE This session is not ran by Semaphore, it is ran by a Glenelg member and is 100% first in best dressed. All bookings to Brenton Quimby by email only- qmby@optusnet.com.au   ***

Having your boat licence is the minimum requirement if you are wishing to complete your IRB Drivers course.

Please see the following website for handbook and practice questions. Please come prepared.



Ladies! It’s your time to shine

dl_invitation_template-image-003Ladies it is your time to shine. Surf Life Saving SA has introduced their #surfsisterslevelup social media campaign. This campaign is designed encourage and motivate SA women to get involved or enrich their experience in Surf Lifesaving and take it to the next level.

Anyone can level up and you can choose to level up in any way that suits you.

For example; A Nipper Mum might want to do her Bronze Medallion, a Beachie might want to have a crack at rowing boats, you might do the next level up in your first aid training or put your hand up for a leadership role at your club or decide to start your journey as a coach or an official.
click on the links below for some inspiration and opportunities to level up this season!

Seta Bacher is planning to get her Bronze this summer

Seta Bacher is planning to get her Bronze this summer



Semaphore Beach and Flag

A reminder regarding First Aid Training


Accredited First Aid Training will be conducted at the club on Sunday February the 1st. The cost to SLSSA Members is only $75 less than half what you would pay through any other provider. The course will be conducted over one full day but you will be expected to have completed a workbook prior to attending. There are still places left so if you have not notified of your intent and you are interested in undertaking this course please confirm your attendance with me ASAP so I can arrange to have workbooks issued to all participants.

December education update.

Seeking expressions of interest for the following:
IRB Crew – training to commence early in the New Year
Bronze Medallion and SRC – Training to commence late January or early February
Provide First Aid (formerly Apply First Aid) – Sunday 1/2/15
This course takes approximately 7.5 hours plus an online distance learning module, cost to public is $160 but we are able to offer it to SLSSA current members for $75, the club is also looking to provide a further subsidy for patrolling members who enrol.

If you are interested in participating in any of these courses or would like further details contact Mick Kenny : mckenny@internode.on.net or 0498 492 409.

Also congratulations to new Bronze graduates: Cooper Lienert, Harrison Brickhill and Andrew Meyers. Looking forward to the rest of their squad completing their assessment early next year.

Rescue and Resuscitation Workshop

Surf Life Saving South Australia SSSC, in conjunction with the South Australian Rescue and Resuscitation panel will be conducting a workshop for rescue and resuscitation – judges, coaches and other interested persons.

This workshop will equip people with the tools to commence coaching/judging Rescue and Resuscitation teams within their club.

Please see attached circular for further information.      RR Day 6th December 2014

get in a boat

Applying for a Boat License workshop 7pm October 16, 2014

Thursday 16 October 2014

7.00 pm sharp at Glenelg Surf Club
$5 Surf Bronze holders

Please mention your club’s name when booking

$35 General Public
Cash only on the night
Photo ID to be produced eg Drivers licence
Minimum age 16

Bookings by email only to
Reply promptly if interested in attending

These sessions fill fast – limit 30
See following site for handbook and practice questions



flag red and yellow

Communicating to you in 2014

Getting the word out about what’s going on at the club is a big job. We have a lot going on! Just like all the great work that gets done by volunteers around the club it happens through no small effort of the people involved. This year we are trying to take the communications at the club to a new level. We want to build on the great work of the previous years and make sure that we don’t hear the words “I didn’t know that was on” come from anyone. Ambitious I know. To that end I am enlisting the help of all who are willing and able to take ownership of our communications and join me in forming the club communicators group.

At the moment we use a number of channels to get the message out. Semaphoreslsc.com.au, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp, Surfcom, SMS and standing on a chair and shouting. Some methods are more effective than others but if you take a channel away you reduce the amplitude of the message you are pushing. We already have a group of people who have been posting to our channels over the last couple of years, this year we want to add to the coordination of that and reduce the barriers for the different sections of the club in getting their message out.

If you have previously been frustrated because “you didn’t know that was on” or if you are interested in being part of this new coordinated communications machine, please come to our SSLSC comms group meeting on Thursday August 7 at 630pm. If you can’t make it but you are keen nonetheless, talk to me, Heather Sibley, Karin Humphrey, Georgia Robbins or Sean McKenzie to find out how you can participate.