Weekly Training Report

New Training Courses:

Bronze or SRC Course – Next course planned End of January/Start of February 2017

Last Chance for 2016/17 Season Or Prepare for 2017/18 Season

Please register your interest with jenniecharlton1@msn.com to get linked to the Closed facebook page where we can share new information.


Complete First Aid Course – Must be completed before starting training which may be as early as Sunday 15 January (There may be an info session held prior to this waiting for Trainers to confirm their availability.)

This is a pre-requisite for Bronze/SRC with Semaphore so please ensure you have completed your First Aid before your course is due to start.  If you need to undertake this Surf Life Saving SA has the following courses running 9am until 5pm at 2 Barcoo Road, West Beach, SA 5024 before the Bronze Course will commence:

January:        Thursday 12 January 2017 (members $90) or book with an external agency but will need certificate

book via Surf Life Saving SA (08) 8354 6900

TIMED SWIM – Wednesday 21 December at Portside Swim Centre at 8pm and if don’t make the swim then a Final opportunity Monday 9 January at 8pm:

Requirement:                      200m in 5 mins (SRC) OR 400m in 9 mins (Bronze)

Please note that if you are unable to meet this prerequisite before the course starts you will not be able to commence.


You can buy the manual at the clothing store or bar for the theory information.  Please connect to the online workbook (must be completed prior to course commencing)

https://portal.sls.com.au then you login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006)

Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to login”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SLS Lifesaving and pick either SRC or Bronze”..” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members.


Advanced Resus

We currently have 2 people registered.  This is a course to enable you to provide a higher level of oxygen using OP airway, oxy bag as well as suction.  Do you have Senior First Aid or Bronze Medallion?? If so let us know and we will get a course organised once we have 8 people. Dylan or Kylie have agreed to help run this course.


IRB Crew

Are you interested but not sure?? Watch this space for a Come and Try Hour at a time that Neil is on Patrol.

IRB Driver

Please note that you must be a Crew and have undertaken a good level of patrol hours covering Semaphore and more advanced waters and have a boat license which you must log with surf via the online portal. Once this is done register your interest.



Congratulations to Simsy Patrol for getting proficient.

Semaphore Training Team would like to thank you all for coming down & completing your proficiencies. 32 completed rescues & swim & 16 did their dry work. Extra call out to Michael for such a great job and to those that supported him deal with the numbers.


Final proficiency date: Monday 26 December

Dry proficiency will start at start of patrol

Need to complete Full proficiency or Dry Proficiency only please arrive no later than 1:00pm

Need to complete Wet proficiency only please arrive no later than 2:00pm. Please note that the assessor must see you do the rescue & so we can not have more than 2 rescues taking place at same time so do not be offended if asked to wait/ redo ( if we have not observed you)

The swim will take place at 3pm.

Also option of ATV proficiency/assessment (with completed workbook) from 3pm.

Please ensure you have done online  Skills Maintenance for the course that you have (ignore the ones you don’t)

“Proficiencies link to complete before your proficiencies patrol: http://portal.sls.com.au/, login, then “lifesaving online”, then “Library” then “Education/Training” then “member” then “SLSA” then lifesaver Learning Guides” and then “ATV Operator Certificate”

The biggest hassle is getting the login userid and password sorted if you don’t have access to the email/mobile phone connected to your SLS record. Please use the helpline to sort this


IRB Crew/Driver – No Dates at Semaphore

If unable to attend on the 2 options provided this year and still wish to be proficient please let Jennie Charlton know by end of this week (Sunday 4 December) on jenniecharlton1@msn.com as will need to organise to link you in with another club to complete proficiencies. We are dependent on other clubs for this assessment and so only option now is linking in with other clubs’ proficiencies so please do not approach Neil or Michael as they can only train this area not assess proficiency or assessment at this stage.


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