Semaphore Beach and Flag

Juniors news from Pat

The canteen is back!
The canteen will open at the conclusion of training each week, from around 2.15pm. Each week we require  3 to 4 helpers and this week the Under 13’s are supplying support for the canteen.

A huge thanks to Trudy and Wendy!

Flags and Sprints
We welcome and thank  Jack Zille for coming out and helping our kids with some specialist training and tips for flags and this week he will be spending some time on the sprint track this week and again thank you.

New Boards
We would like to thank the West Beach Community Bank for their donation of two new nipper boards that will arrive shortly.

Ocean Timed Swims
We will continue to complete as many proficiency swims as we can this week – Good Luck with the swims

Don’t forget if you want to order the BSc bathers or club bags you need to prepay these orders at the uniform shop

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