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South Port Classic – Excellent effort by those teams that turned up. The racing format was everybody was racing all the other crews, with crew successively knocked out in the rounds based on points plus age group races and finals at the end.  All the teams did exceptionally well with special mention to the U23s with a ring in from Glenelg won the U23 finals and the JACCOs went all the way through the ten races to the final of four teams which were all A teams bar them. They also came away with the reserves winner for the day. Well done

Note the time honoured tradition is that the boaties will do Saturday Patrol so that the Seniors can compete at states is Saturday 19th March – We will pack the boats for Saturday after Patrol for States on Sunday. Please provide Wiery or I names for Patrol.

States are at Southport Sunday 20th, all teams are racing and we are also going in the lifesaver relay and surfboat relay. 630am start from the Club again.




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