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A fantastic weekend for the Semaphore Boaties at Brighton short course. There were 52 races with 75 crews on the beach with Semaphore fielding 6 crews. Thanks to Eddie from Glenelg who filled in with the Baities  while Lisa was on holiday.



U19s “Motley Crew”  1st in every race and 1st overall

U23s “The Baities” 2nd and two 1sts and 1st overall

Reserve men “Jaccos” a  4th (rowlock failure) and two 1sts, and second by a nose in the final

Masters Men “Trogs” 3rd, 2nd 1st with 5th overall

Masters women “Angry Birds” 1st,3rd,2nd 4th overall

Masters Women “ yet to be named” 4thand two 3rd


Excellent effort overall and fantastic team work on the beach. Thanks to Simsy for keeping me running in the right direction on the beach.


Masters Rowing next Saturday at Aldinga:


Packing Friday night after nipper board training

Leaving the Club at 0630 am for 9am start


Teams rowing:

Jaccos (160s)

Trogs (220s)

Angry Birds (160s)

2nd Mature Womens (180s)

Marty’s 120s (Browny, Marty, Kenny(pos Aaron) and Dale)

Bizz’s  (Barts, Leaney, Richard and Bizz) (180s)


Car wash next Saturday 20th February, same time as nippers – duty washes are U19 boys “The motley Crew”


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