Beach training

Beach training pre season 2014-15

The 2014/15 season is now only a month away! We have trained hard through the colder months in the water with board and ski and many have ventured to the pool for swim sessions. It is now time to add beach training into our schedule. Starting Sunday September 14th Jeff Bampton will be running beach training sessions. Initially these will run in conjunction with Kirsty Low’s Bootcamp but as the season gets underway and Bootcamp winds up this training will likely move to late Saturday morning after ski and board training. We are looking at making the beach training sessions discipline specific with a focus on sprints, relays, flags and the 2k run. Jeff will have a program that will include fitness tests. This training is available for ALL Masters, seniors and U14s that are keen to either focus on beach disciplines and/or improve their ability in this area.
Are you keen? Come and join the Bootcamp crew at 9am Sunday 14th September for warm-up. Jeff will then take his group for a 45-60 minute beach training session. The club will be open for breakfast and coffee afterwards.

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