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Announcing the Senior Surf Sports Committee

On Monday 14th September the Senior Surf Sports Committee called it’s first meeting for the 2015/16 season.
Amongst other agenda items key positions within the committee were decided. These are as follows:

– Senior Competiton Officer (voted at AGM) – Karin Humphrey
– Secretary – Kerry Schulz
– U14s coach – Sean McKenzie
– Ski Captain – Sean McKenzie (supported by Laurence Fletcher)
– Board Captain – Sean McKenzie (supported by Nick Penny)
– Swim Captain – Trent Bampton
– Boat Captain – Steve Sims
– Beach Captain – TBA
– Youth Development Officer (senior representative) – Paige Purdie

General committee members include – Craig Lienert, Donna Giannetta, Greg McKenzie and Jeff Bampton.

On carnival days Daryle Rigney will be the Team Manager for the U14/15 age groups.

Please feel free to chat to any member of our committee should you have any questions/require any information.

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