ARTC Training

Final ARTC Training for the 2017/18 Season

Andrew Spencer will be running his first ARTC course with support of Michael Kenny on the Training Patrol on:

Saturday 10 March 11:30 – 18:00

Monday 2nd April 11:30 until 18:00


You will be signed on for Patrol and training will commence once Patrol is set up.  You will have breaks throughout the day to go for roving patrols and generally support the patrol as well as completing your award.  So if you are around and there are requests to cover these patrols please do offer to cover the members of the patrol that are away. Pre-assessment will be at the end of at 3pm on Monday 2nd April.

Proposed assessment date at this stage is Monday 9th April in the evening depending upon Assessor capacity so please if interested but assessment date does not work let us know now and we can look at alternative date that works for those interested.

Please can you register your interest in this course with Jennie at

Thanks Jennie


Final call for Proficiencies 2017/2018

North Have Surf Club has offered to allow those still requiring to undertake Wet or Dry Proficiencies to partake in their scheduled proficiency over Friday evening and Saturday morning. Please book in with Jennie at to get the times so that we can confirm numbers with North Haven Assessors.

Thanks to the 11 members that used Sunday 14 January at Semaphore to get proficient and 1 member that used Henley’s opportunity to complete their IRB Crew Proficiency. We now have 7 current members whom have not completed their full practical proficiency and 3 with only an online component to complete.



IRB Crew Course coming up

New IRB Crew course commencing on Saturday 13 January 2018 with training on Saturday 3 February and Saturday 3 March.

If you are a Bronze Medallion Holder, completed your proficiency and interested come down and join in.  You will be expected to attend in your Patrol Uniform so you can help those on patrol who also wish to undertake the course.  You will sign on for the patrol.

Training will commence at 3pm following the nippers training to allow for parents undertaking course too.  If interested please email Jennie on and complete the online workbook at:  : (please use Chrome or Google to access this even when using devices as Safari results in the course not being logged as completed.)

Once logged in (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006) go to courses at the top of the page this takes you to SLSA E-Learning press login. Once in press Training Library and pick SLS Lifesaving then pick SLS- IRB crew



Final Proficiency Opportunity at Semaphore Sunday 14 January 2018

Surf Life Saving South Australia has approved the use of our proficient trainers and Non-proficient Assessors to run a final proficiency at Semaphore during our training Patrol on Sunday 14 January.  Please come with your patrol uniform so that you can sign on and help cover the trainers and assessors running these by patrolling the beach as this patrol has a minimum number of adults whom are all trainers.

A Run Swim Run and Rescues has been booked in for 11:30am. Those attending will be expected to support the setting up of the course and the patrol. An opportunity to complete your Dry proficiencies and ATV assessment will also be offered at this time so if you have completed your ATV workbook and bring your licence this can be done on the day.  Please note that there is also training of a new Bronze group and  pre-assessment of a Bronze Group with their assessment pending on 21 January 2018 so please come along expecting to help out with patrol

A further Run Swim Run and rescues will then be ran at 3pm and those attending this would be expected to help clear away all equipment from proficiencies ensuring that it is washed and put away. We hope to be able to provide further ATV assessment from 3:30pm should people need it and Jennie not be called out with work but this is not able to be confirmed until the day at 3pm.

Final SRC/Bronze and ARTC Proficiency Saturday 23 December 2017

Congratulations to our 36 Fully Proficient Bronze/SRC Members. We have 16 Proficient IRB Crew  and 10 proficient IRB Drivers. We have 7 newly qualified ATV Drivers.

Final SRC, Bronze and ARTC Proficiencies and ATV assessment are on Saturday 23 December & will run from where Patrol sets up.
Please complete online proficiency before attending. Please note everyone is welcome to come do dry proficiency from 1pm. Swim & rescues will be at 3pm & ATV Assessment from about 3:30pm.

Online proficiencies for 2017-18 Season are here at (please use Chrome or Google to access this even when using devices as Safari results in the course not being logged as completed. Once logged in (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006) go to courses at the top of the page this takes you to SLSA E-Learning press login. Once in press Training Library and pick Skill maintenance. Pick 2017/18 courses.
SRC and Bronze Resuscitation and radios and IRB crew and drivers to do the powercraft


Bronze Medallion Achievement

Congratulations to the 5 SRC’s who achieved their Bronze Medallion

Congratulations to Jessica, Hannah, Lindsey, Maiye and Zac for achieving their Bronze Award at assessment on Saturday 9 December at West Beach. The first SRC to Bronze Group trained by the Brooksy Training Patrol. Congratulations to Andrew Spencer for completing his first Assessment as a probationary assessor.

Upcoming Bronze and SRC Course

Are you interested in completing your Bronze or SRC?  The next course starts on Sunday 5th November on the Brooksy Patrol.

The timed Swim is on Wednesday 1st November at 7pm at the Largs Bay Swim Centre.

Please email Chief Instructor Jennie on to register your interest.


Nippers beats the nasty weather

Well it would have been tough going at the Senior Carnival today but Nippers scored some great weather on Saturday.  It’s so wonderful to see so many of our young members sharing their knowledge and experience with our little ones this season.  Many of the Assistant coaches are Seniors, like Ella Edwards pictured taking the Under 7’s through a Flags session, that have only just finished in Nippers in the last couple of years themselves.  This is what our Club is all about.

It was a tough gig on Patrol Saturday, watching the sky-divers do their thing and patrolling the beach in almost perfect conditions.  If you are a parent and want to get more involved consider challenging yourself by becoming a patrol member at the Club.  There’s plenty of training opportunities.




See you on the beach next weekend!


More members ready for Patrol!

Congratulations to Connor Tunbridge, Ryan Christie & Brooke Moseley for achieving their Bronze Medallion and Matilda Kaftan for gaining her Surf Rescue Certificate on Friday 20 October 2017. Looking forward to getting a photo of this group at some point in their uniform

Congratulations to our newest Patrol members!

Congratulations to Georgia and Mykenzie who have transitioned from SRC to Bronze Medallion holders. Welcome aboard Sarah, Emily, Teagan, Neli, Holly and Naish as new SRC to patrols this year.  The beach community is set to be well looked after this Summer!