Senior Carnival 2 Wrap-Up

Senior Carnival 2 was held at Middleton beach and was SLSSAs first attempt at a ‘mobile carnival’ with support provided by both Pt Elliott and Goolwa SLSCs.

Our crew started the journey down the coast at 6am so for all it was a very long day.

We had 13 people nominate to do events and 10 compete on the day. Conditions were very tough with competitors from all clubs facing difficulties in water events.

Thanks as always must go to our officials – Raelene Donnell, Bob Brooks and Lauren Brooks. Thanks also to Neil Bisset for storing our trailer overnight and towing it down to Middleton and to Leanne Larven and Mardi Lienert for overseeing the U15s and girls events.

Please see below for a round-up of our results and the provisional point score which saw us finish 10th for the day.

Event Age Group Name Heat Final
2k run U15 male Sam Ambrose 4th
Beach Sprints U15 male Sam Ambrose 4th
Flags U15 male Josh Larven 1
Sam Ambrose 3 7th
Ski U17 male Nic Schulz 9th
Danny Humphrey DNF *
Open Male Sean McKenzie 7th 9th
U17 female Bryana Bisset DNF **
Swim U15 male Cooper Lienert 11th
Sam Squeo 12th
Josh Larven 25th
U17 male Nic Schulz 15th
Danny Humphrey 13th
Open male Sean McKenzie 6th
U19 female Paige Purdie 7th
Open female Paige Purdie 8th
Swim Teams U15 male Sam Squeo

Cooper Lienert

Josh Larven

Sam Ambrose

Open male Danny Humphrey

Nic Schulz

Sean McKenzie

Nick Penny ***

Ironperson U15 male Cooper Lienert 3rd 9th
Josh Larven 4th 12th
Sam Squeo DQ
U17 male Nic Schulz 4th
Danny Humphrey 10th
Open male Sean McKenzie 5th
Boards U15 male Sam Squeo 8th 12th
Cooper Lienert 11th
Josh Larven DQ
Sam Ambrose DQ
U17 male Nic Schulz 1st 7th
Danny Humphrey 8th 11th
Open male Sean McKenzie 3rd 1st
Danny Humphrey 9th
Nic Schulz 8th 13th
U19 female Paige Purdie 6th
Taplin Open male Sean McKenzie

Nic Schulz

Danny Humphrey

Cameron U15 male Josh Larven

Cooper Lienert

Sam Squeo


* Danny’s ski may have come in before he did but he never let go of his paddle!

**Out of all the U17 females that attempted the ski (approx 9) only one crossed the finish line so well done Bryana on having a go!

*** Nick competed in the swim team in order to fill an open male team and unfortunately hurt his back when his foot dropped in a pot hole. This then put him out for the rest of the day. The Team Manager is still feeling guilty about this!

Provisional Point Score – Middleton

Position Club Points
1 West Beach 384
2 Grange 331
3 Seacliff 243
4 Brighton 118
5 South Port 63
6 Christies Beach 59
7 Henley 58
8 Moana 47
9 Port Noarlunga 33
10 Semaphore 30
11 Somerton 27
12 Glenelg 19

 With one more carnival before our States campaign begins (save the date – January 11th 2015) we really want to see as many competitors on the beach as possible so that we can not only improve our points tally but have a strong team prepared for the 3 days of State Championships.







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