Final Proficiency Opportunity at Semaphore Sunday 14 January 2018

Surf Life Saving South Australia has approved the use of our proficient trainers and Non-proficient Assessors to run a final proficiency at Semaphore during our training Patrol on Sunday 14 January.  Please come with your patrol uniform so that you can sign on and help cover the trainers and assessors running these by patrolling the beach as this patrol has a minimum number of adults whom are all trainers.

A Run Swim Run and Rescues has been booked in for 11:30am. Those attending will be expected to support the setting up of the course and the patrol. An opportunity to complete your Dry proficiencies and ATV assessment will also be offered at this time so if you have completed your ATV workbook and bring your licence this can be done on the day.  Please note that there is also training of a new Bronze group and  pre-assessment of a Bronze Group with their assessment pending on 21 January 2018 so please come along expecting to help out with patrol

A further Run Swim Run and rescues will then be ran at 3pm and those attending this would be expected to help clear away all equipment from proficiencies ensuring that it is washed and put away. We hope to be able to provide further ATV assessment from 3:30pm should people need it and Jennie not be called out with work but this is not able to be confirmed until the day at 3pm.

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