2019 Annual Awards night

It was a night to celebrate the season with plenty of members turning up in red, black and white. We recognised the contributions and achievements of our members.

The award of the evening, the Most Valuable Club Member, was awarded to Lyle Billingsley for his years of commitment and dedication to the Club.

The Brian Page Rotary Award went to Brad Tunbridge and Catherine Buck picked up the Max Christie Rotary Award both recognised for their contributions to the Club.

Patrol Person of the Year went to Andrew Edwards.

SRC of the Year (male and female) went to Sarah Edwards and Perry McDonald Moult.

Raelene Donnell was named Club Official of the Year.

Three of our own became Life Members. Ian (Wanga) Robbins, Sean McKenzie and Todd Bampton all being recognised. Wanga gave a stirring speech about his own life experiences and how much the Club has meant to him in more recent years.

Stephen Sims was honoured for his long serving role in the Club – 50 years in total.

Other Patrol awards included:

1000 hours – Sean Kenny

500 hours – Kenny Tunney, Michael Bartlett, Andrew Edwards, Paul Breden, Wanga Robbins and Michael Jarvis.

200 hours – Heather Eckert, Cameron Eckert, Connor Tunbridge, David Short, Andrew Spencer and Megan McDonald.

A special mention to Neil Bisset for achieving 1,500 hours – well on the way to the 2000 award.

Congratulations to the many members who achieved their SRC, Bronze and IRB qualifications in the past season also.

Then came awards of a more light-hearted nature…

Taking out the Golden Tongs, for best bbq on Patrol, was Neil Bisset. Of course, he was humble in his acceptance of the award.

The prestigious Golden Whisk, for best baked goods on patrol, went to Tina Williams.

The Golden Quill, for most preventions and diligent logbook admin on patrol – was picked up by Perry McDonald Moult.

Club person who looks most like the Pope went to David Doggsie’ McGrath and Club Bloke of the Year was won by Katie Newman.

Best shoes went to Wanga Robbins!

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