Senior Carnival 1 Wrap-Up

Our first Senior Carnival for the 2015/16 season is done!

Well done to the 18 competitors we had on the beach, especially to the 9 from U14s who competed as Seniors for the very first time!
Although there wasn’t too much surf every now and then the waves picked up and it was a little daunting for some. Thankfully our weekend at Chiton Rocks gave everyone plenty of practice!

We had some good results with quite a few in the top 6 – giving the club valuable points at this early stage of the season.

As usual, without the support we get, nothing would happen at all so thanks must go to the following people:
– our officials – Raelene, John, Michael, Lauren, Pat and Wendy (as usual Semaphore had 3 more than the quota we were given)
– Craig and Greg for towing the trailers (the most packed our board trailer has ever been for a senior carnival!)
– Bruce for being the U14/15 Team Manager and Greg and Pat for supporting him
– Steve, Brad and Michelle for providing water cover for our U14s while they are completing their SRC (the only club that seemed to listen when it was stated that clubs were required to provide 1 water cover to 5 U14s that have not yet completed their award!).

Just a reminder that the next carnival is at Robe on Saturday 28th November and believe it or not Carnival 3 is on the following weekend – Sunday 6th December at a mid-coast venue TBC.

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook pages for calls for nominations for both events.

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