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Lifemember nomination

The Semaphore SLSC is calling for any Lifemember nominations for the upcoming AGM. Any nominations should be submitted to the Club Secretary at no later than July 3rd.

To nominate a member for Life Membership please read and follow the below process.

  • You will need to complete a nomination form (see link)
  • Please attach sufficient supporting documentation to this nomination so it can receive appropriate consideration by the Life Membership Committee.
  • This form should establish a case for special service (i.e. applicable to the nominee, extraordinary, exception and/or distinctive service to the Semaphore SLSC) not simply a list of positions and awards held, because this simply establishes a case for long service, not for Life Membership.
  • The nomination should ensure that as much relevant information as possible is included.
  • Members nominated for Life Membership are held in high esteem within Semaphore SLSC and it is the responsibility of the persons sponsoring the nomination to take the time to mount a case by completing this form as required.


Nominations are to be presented to the Board at the meeting immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting.

On the endorsement of two thirds majority of the Board, the nomination shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting for its consideration.  If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Mick Kenny 0498 492 409 .

Semaphore SLSC Nomination for Life Membership

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