F45’s 8 Week Challenge!

On Sunday 13th November at 8.30am the Senior Competition Group will be hosting F45 Port Adelaide’s (https://f45training.com.au/portadelaide/) 8 week challenge group for a training session.

We will be introducing them to the fundamentals of surf lifesaving through a session that will not only be a decent work-out but will also be loads of fun.

We want to give them a real taste of SLS by providing opportunities to have a go on boards and skis, have a ride in an IRB, on the back of a jet ski and maybe even in a boat (which they will also have to carry!), try out flags and relays and have a wade race which should really test out their legs.

For this to be successful we will need plenty of support (particularly in the form of water cover). If you are available to help in any way (set-up will be from 7.45am) please contact Craig Lienert on 0430160055 or at cmccwlienert@gmail.com.

Dane, F45 Port Adelaide’s owner, has offered in return to provide a training session (entitled ‘Hollywood’) to 30 of our competitors/members (available to those 16 and above) on Friday 18th November at 6.30pm.  Valued at $30 per person, if we have 30 people interested (the maximum allowed in a class) this is valued at $900.00!!

If you are keen to attend this hour long class please let Karin Humphrey know ASAP at kaz412@bigpond.com. For your place in the session to be confirmed you will also need to provide a completed copy of the f45-questionnaire consent form (to be signed by a parent if U18).

** Please note – 30 places only available and you MUST be aged 16 or above to attend.

Looking forward to working with Dane and the F45 crew.


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