Club Working Bee Wrap Up

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A Big thank you to everyone that came out and helped out at the Club Working Bee on Sunday 29th May.  We managed to get a lot done, including some things we thought we might only make plans for. We not even going to bother mentioning all the names because we’ll no doubt miss someone, but some of the highlights are;

  • Clean Balcony Windows- you don’t realise how dirty those windows are until Sita get’s her fancy window cleaner onto them
  • High Pressure clean the craft storage shed- again so much sand, dirt and grime washed away by Wanga’s.
  • Boards and Skis checked for damage and renumbered. A big thank you to the younger crew who came down, inspected the boards and skis, marked all damaged craft for repair and renumbered all club craft for our gear register.
  • Patrol Area reorganised- Georgia Robbins and her patrol crew pulled the patrol gear apart, organised it back into place, cleaned the IRBs and made plans for a new trailer (watch this space).
  • Walkway Line Marking- Thanks to Greg McKenzie for picking up a line marker and marking lines in the patrol area and craft storage area to ensure we have clear walkways to get around the club, now the test is to see how long those areas remain clear for!
  • Bird proofing the gym- Thanks to Trent Bampton for organising the chicken wire and fixing in place so keep birds out of our gym, hopefully no more bird poo on the chin-up bar.
  • Aaron Low and Paul ‘Jonno’ Johnson for fitting roller seats into one of the boats so no wedgies need to be pulled for winter training, think they fixed a flat tyre where Jonno helped by standing in the boat on top of the tyre.
  • Pat Larven and junior crew for doing similar stuff with the junior gear than what the seniors did. Re numbered, cleaned and checked for damaged craft. Hopefully we will be all ready by summer hits.
  • Neil ‘The Pres’ Bisset for fixing the door handles in the club Ute, now everyone can open the door handles from the inside of the car!

There were a lot more things done, from light globe replacements to re painting damaged tables. Well done to everyone who came, even if it was just to push a broom. And of course thank you to the BBQers for making sure we had sausages ready for the end of the working bee.

There were lots of other small projects spotted and planned, so we may be looking at having another working bee in the near future. Look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Sean McKenzie

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