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Surf Kayak Program – West Lakes Canoe Club

Semaphore SLSC has been very fortunate to be invited to participate in a Surf Kayak Program over winter.

West Lakes Canoe Club has announced a new initiative to assist the development of surf athletes.  The skills and knowledge gained in this program are not only  directly transferrable to surf ski paddling but provide ideal overall fitness preparation for the 2015/16 season.

The West Lakes Canoe Club has a large fleet of kayaks available for use that are suitable for beginners through to experienced paddlers.

The program on offer is to commence on Monday 1st June and run for a 12 week period.  Training will consist of three paddling sessions – Monday, Wednesday and Sunday (times to be confirmed) with gym sessions after paddling on both Monday and Wednesday.

The cost for the full 12 weeks (regardless of the number of sessions attended) is $100.00 per person which is a small contribution towards membership and coaching costs.

Semaphore is inviting all those in U13s (for the 2015/16 season) and above to participate in this program.

All those wishing to participate are to email Karin Humphrey (Senior Competiton Officer) at by Sunday 24th May with name/s and age group/s for the upcoming season.


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