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Season 2022/23 may be over but preparations for season 2023/24 are already underway! One of the most important things that happen first is the nomination and election of the Board of Management and other Club Officer Roles. Getting the right people to step up and nominate is crucial for the ongoing success of our club.

Do you think you might have something to offer that will benefit all? Is there an area of the club where you think you can help make a positive difference? It may seem daunting at first but if you ask anyone who has held one of these roles at the club before what the experience was like the answer would overwhelmingly be positive! There are plenty of people with past experience to help you grow into the role and you will have all the support and training that you might need to help you be successful.

If there is a role that you are interested in, email our Secretary, Alli, via and she can give you some more information about each role. Talking to current office holders about the role is also a great way to find out more and everyone is always happy to share their experiences.

The greatest asset our club has is its members and we can only grow and improve if people are willing to step up and give it a go. Have a think about how you could help and bravely step forward and put your hand up for what could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Make sure you come along to our AGM, Sunday June 25th at 4pm. Our club draw will also be held that afternoon instead of the Thursday prior.


Board of Management Roles:


Vice President



Club Captain

Chief Instructor

Senior Sports Officer

Junior Sports Officer

Buildings and Facilities Officer

Corporate and Community Relations Officer


Club Officer and other Club Roles:

Club Vice Captain

IRB Co-Ordinator

Communications and Media Officer

IT Officer

Officials Coodinator

Ski Co-Ordinator

Junior Surf Sports Secretary

Boat Co-Ordinator

Senior Surf Sports Secretary

Swim Co-Ordinator

Membership Registrar

Board Co-Ordinator

Youth Development Officer

Beach Co-Ordinator

Apparel Officer

Gym Co-Ordinator

Asset Control Officer

Touring Team Manager

Inclusive Officer

Canteen Manager

Child Safe Officer (male)

Child Safe Officer (female)


Vice Patron(s)


Nominations are due by Sunday 4th June, email our club Secretary, Alli, via

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