Mallacoota SLSC Fundraiser

This weekend Semaphore SLSC will be raising money to help Mallacoota SLSC which lost everything in the recent East Gippsland fires.  The community based volunteer run Club keeps the beaches safe during the busy summer months. All that is left now though is a smouldering mess. Mallacoota itself was devastated, losing 1 in 4 houses within the town so the effects have been widespread.

This Saturday after training the Frazer-Sikorski family will be hosting a fundraiser to help the Mallacoota SLSC purchase a new van and equipment.  There will be a soft drink/ice-cream stand, lolly bags, “guess the amount of lollies in a jar” competition and a small raffle. All funds raised will go directly to the Mallacoota SLSC to help it rebuild.

This has directly impacted Frazer-Sikorski family as Kirsty grew up in Mallacoota with her family still living there. Thankfully all of their properties survived the fires and they patiently await the roads to open so they can go back and support their community.

The Seacliff SLSC will be doing something similar on Feb 22nd as some of the members there are also from Mallacoota. Unfortunately they and their families were not so fortunate and lost everything.

Everyone has been so generous supporting fundraising efforts to date.  Kirsty, Adam, Jack, Connor, Robyn and John thank you in advance for your support.

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