Junior Update

So the season’s underway at last. Whilst the Surf Life Saving SA Junior Information Night will not be held till 6th November we can finally confirm where the Carnivals will be this season, see the Junior Calendar below for details.

March Past Training will commence on Saturday from 12pm, with R&R to start in the next couple of weeks. If you’re not sure about what these these surf sport disciplines are read the associated sections below.

Something of note regarding the Junior Carnivals is the 4th Carnival which will be held at Normanville SLSC on the 16th of February. Traditionally many of our Nipper families travel and stay for the weekend as nipper training will be organised to be on the Saturday at Normanville as well as a dinner at the local hotel. Villas at South Shores, a gated estate with a pool is a favourite spot for many, some of the villas there can sleep 8 to 10 people and families can chose to share. The local Caravan Park is also very popular. Places tend to book out early so keep that in mind.

Training Timetable

March Past Training – 12pm meeting on the southern side the club

Nipper Training – 12:45pm muster on the southern side of club

Rostered Jobs

This week the rostered jobs are

Board Washing – Under 10’s

Post Training BBQ – Board of Management

Nippers Season Handbook and Policy Handbook

The Nippers Season and Nippers Policy Handbooks are well underway with the Season Handbook expected to be distributed at the on 26th October 2019 with the Policy Handbook to follow shortly after.

It is our hope that this handbook will serve as a first point of call for information about Semaphore SLSC 2019/20 Season. The combination of the Season and Policy Handbooks should clarify all things to do with the Surf Life Saving SA and Semaphore Nippers programs.

If you have any questions in the mean time please see your Age Group Manager, Junior Convenor (Ian Biggs) or Junior Surf Secretary (Steph Breden)

Nipper Proficiencies

Before being able to attend Carnivals this season all nippers U8 to U13 must attain their preliminary and competition proficiencies. These proficiencies are set by Surf Life Saving Australia and are not negotiable.

Meeting the preliminary proficiencies will allow a nipper to compete at carnivals in every event except open water events.

Meeting the competition proficiencies will allow a nipper to compete in all events at carnival.

In order to be eligible to attend the State Championship Carnival Nippers must meet both of the proficiencies listed above and complete all sections of the Surf Education Award for their age group (done as part of our Nipper Training). In addition U13’s, if not completing their SRC during the season, must complete the Resuscitation Certificate (AID) to be eligible.

Attire Requirements for ALL Training Sessions

The required mandatory attire for all training sessions are Broad Brimmed Hat, Long Sleeved Rashie /Training Top as well as;

Hi-Vis Top
Accepted colours are Yellow / Pink / Combination Pink-Yellow purchased from previous years State Titles.  Green will not be accepted as per Surf Life Saving SA guidelines.

Club Caps
The club caps must be worn at all training sessions, this includes board training.

** Please note: members that do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to train**

March Past

The March Past is an iconic event within the surf lifesaving movement. It has been part of surf carnivals since the earliest days and originally consisted of teams of 20. The March Past is an example of the significant impact returned servicemen had on the development of surf lifesaving and competition in the early days.

In past years, clubs were not able to compete at carnivals unless they fielded a March Past team or someone marching with the club standard. As the teams were comprised of competitors from other areas, carnivals used to stop while the March Past event was in progress.

The March Past event involves a team of 12 marching in formation around a set course in time with music. The team includes members carrying a reel, wearing a belt and carrying the club’s standard (flag).

Our Club has a long and successful history in March Past and we strongly encourage participation in this non atheletic event. Whilst this is a not atheletic event it is still a competitive event at Surf Carnivals with medals awarded at State Championships. Last year our A Team took out the Silver Medal. The last couple of years we have fielded two March Past Teams and would like to continue to do so. Any Nipper in a competitive age group (Under 8’s to Under 13’s) can join in.

Mandy Morphett our March Past Coach will kick off training this weekend at 12pm. Meet her on the grass on the southern side the Club

R & R

We are requesting registrations of interest for R & R this season.

If you competed in R & R in the 2018/19 season and are interested in 2 person or 5 person R & R


If you are in U11’s this year and are interested in 2person R & R

Please send an E-mail to juniorsec@semaphoreslsc.com.au to register your interest and we will arrange a meeting to organise training.

R&R is a competition based on the simulated rescue and resuscitation of a patient from the surf using the traditional belt and reel. It combines swimming, resuscitation skills, marching and drill with teams judged against set criteria.

There are two different forms of the event –

  • 2 person (mixed sexes U11 – U13 )
  • 5 person (mixed for ages U12 –U13)

Competitors are required to perform different roles depending on their position within the team.

From the beginning of the surf lifesaving movement until the mid-1980s, the R&R drill formed the basis of the bronze medallion assessment. All would-be bronze medallion holders were required to show proficiency in each of the positions in the 6 person drill.

While no longer part of the bronze medallion assessment, R&R competition has continued to be held at surf carnivals throughout Australia. It is one of only two events that have been held at every Australian Surf Champs since their inception – the other being the surf race.

Our club has a long history in R&R and has enjoyed considerable success over the years.

Junior Program Recruitment

Our Age Group Managers and Assistants are now finalised but it doesn’t stop there. We are in dire need of parents to help with various roles including Officials at carnivals, Media Officers and Child Protection Officers. You don’t need to commit to doing these roles every week, but if you are interested in getting a bit more involved and can lend a hand every now and then throughout the season, please contact Steph on juniorsec@semaphoreslsc.com.au.

Age GroupManagerAssistantSRC/Bronze
Under 6Ella AndrewsGrant McAlpineAmy Buck
Under 7Cathy ScottAshleigh ScottMariah Murray
Sam Jarvis
Under 8Matt GrygorcewiczClarice CleeJake Andrews
Lilija Zampatti
Under 9Brenton ZampattiSam McAlpine
Kate Griffin
Alex Breden
Tyler Richards
Under 10Todd BamptonNick MannCooper Clee
Fiona Keane
Under 11Kenny TunneyMykenzie Low
Alana Birrell
Chloe Short
Holly McGorman
Under 12Shane GriffinCassie LindsayBrigid Keane
Olivia Griffin
Under 13Brad CleeB J WilliamsTeagan Richards

Junior Calendar

Saturday 12th OctoberNipper training starts
Friday 25th OctoberBoard training starts
Wednesday 6th NovemberJunior pool training Starts (Largs Bay Pool)
Sunday 17th NovemberJunior Carnival #1 (Seacliff)
Sunday 1st DecemberYouth Teams U12 – U15 (Moana or Seacliff)
Saturday 14th DecemberChristmas break-up
Sunday 15th DecemberJunior Carnival #2 (Glenelg)
Saturday 21st DecemberWest Beach Nipperthon
Saturday 4th JanuaryNipper training resumes
Sunday 26th January Junior Carnival #3 (Glenelg) Individual Events only – AM carnival
Saturday 15th February Junior Training U8 to U13’s (Normanville)
Junior Dinner – 6pm Normanville Hotel
Sunday 16th February Junior Carnival #4 (Normanville)
Saturday 22nd FebruaryR&R State Champs (Semaphore)
Sunday 14th MarchJunior States Day 1 (Pt Noarlunga)
Saturday 21st March Junior States Day 2 (Seacliff)
Sunday 22nd MarchJunior States Day 3 (Seacliff)
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