Junior report – 13th March

It’s State Championship time!


Junior update this week.

  • Training Timetable
  • Junior State Championships Days 1, 2 & 3
  • Junior State Champs Dinner / Wrap Up
  • Save the Date 4th April – Presentation Day

Training Timetable

Board Training – muster at 4:45pm for a 5:00pm start

March Past Training – Friday 6:15pm – A Team Only

Junior State Champs 14th March & 21st-22nd March

A quick note about how State Championships work before we get into the detail of the events.

At State Championships medals will be awarded to those who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any event (team and individual). Points will also awarded to the club for anyone who places in the top six of any event (team and individual). Points accumulated over the three days go towards the club competition, with the winning club announced at the end of States. So whether you are competing as an individual or as part of a team, you are also helping accumulate points for the club. Above all, remember to try your best, support each other and have fun!

Day 1, 2 & 3 of Junior State Championships are scheduled over two consecutive weekends. Day 1 will be on 14th March and Day 2 & 3 on the following weekend (21st & 22nd March).

Nominations for all three days are closed

** No Late Entries can be Accepted**

The detailed schedule of events for Day 1 is below. Detailed schedules for Days 2 & 3 will be available in next week’s newsletter.

DAY 1 – Saturday 14th March ~ Port Noarlunga SLSC

Events held on Day 1 are either staged as a qualifying competition for Days 2 and 3, and others are competed to medals (see the schedule below for details). Please note that this program is subject to weather and beach conditions on the day. The order of some events may change and as such competitors should be on the beach ready to compete from the start of the day in case their event is held earlier than expected.

All Semaphore competitors are asked to be on the beach from 7am. There will be a-lot of set up required and many hands make light work. There will also be a group warm up for all kids which is a great way to start and day and get rid of any of nerves.

Please note that it is common for Day 1 to run overtime as there is more of a focus on marshalling and recording results than other carnivals. It is hoped that the RFID bracelets issued earlier in the year will reduce the burden in these areas, however you should be prepared just in case.

DAY 2 – Saturday 21st March ~ Seacliff SLSC

Day 2 is largely made up of individual events with the exception of March Past and the Junior All Age Taplin Relay.

The Junior Taplin Relay is made up of a competitor (any gender) from each age group. The relay starts with U8 and U9 competitors completing wade legs, followed by U10 and U11 completing a board leg and finally U12 and U13 completing swim legs.

Age group leaders will talk to those who have been nominated to participate in the Junior All Age Taplin Replay.

EventAge GroupsTypeDetails
March Past1st event of day
Junior All Age
Taplin Relay
To medals Last event of day
U8/9 Wade – U10/11 Board –
U12/13 Swim.
Beach SprintAllTo medalsThose qualified from day 1
Beach FlagsAllTo medalsThose qualified from day 1
SwimAllTo medals
BoardAllTo medals
IronpersonU11, U12
& U13
To medalsThose qualified from day 1

DAY 3 – Saturday 22nd March ~ Seacliff SLSC

Day 3 is made up primarily of team events, the highlight being the Junior All Age Beach Relays.

Each club enters a male and female Junior All Age Beach Relay teams, made up of a competitor from each age group.

Age group leaders will talk to those who have been nominated to participate in the male or female Junior All Age Relay.

EventAge GroupsTypeDetails
All Age
Beach Relay
To medals 1st event of day
1 team per club per gender.
Beach RelayAllTo medals
Surf TeamsU9 – U13To medals
SwimAllTo medals
Cameron AllTo medals
Board RelayU9 to U13To medalsU9 & U10 those qualified
from day 1
Wade RelayU8 – U10To medals

Junior State Champs Dinner / Wrap Up – 22nd March

Once the competition wraps up on the beach why not head back to the Club for a meal and wrap-up of Junior State Champs.

Simple meals are available Sunday night at the Club from 5:30pm with a member discount.

Don’t Miss It!!!

Nipper Breakup / Presentation Day – 4th April

Join us to celebrate and wrap up this year’s season at Presentation Day.

Presentations include junior participation medals; coaches awards; and male and female age group runners up and champions for 2019/20. The male and female SLSSA Nipper of the year nominees will also be announced.

Draft Schedule Includes:

  • 12:00pm – Lunch (Gourmet BBQ or other TBA)
  • 12:45pm – Presentations Start
  • 2:30pm – Traditional Shaving Cream / Whipped Cream Fight

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