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Boaties training Session,

Team we will be conducting a training session this weekend down the midcoast on Saturday  24 Oct 2015 morning with IRB Support. All are welcome. We will be back in time for Nippers and patrol. This is convenient because the IRBs will be packed from IRB proficiency on Friday night and we will unload them after Saturday training to support nippers and patrol. I appreciate that there is a lot of kids sport on a Saturday morning that may affect the parents amongst the boaties. This is intended to be an ongoing training routine either fortnightly or monthly. We will discuss the timing of future training at the next boaties meeting which will be this Saturday 1130 after training and before Nippers.


–          We will meet at the Club house 0700am on Saturday morning (Neil and Mainy will sort the IRBs)

–          If not all the teams have all their members, that is ok as we will mix it up

–          If you don’t have a team yet that is ok as we will mix it up

–          We will take as many Boats as there are people and sweeps

–          Apprentice sweeps and “want to be sweeps” welcome


Plan is to meet at the club – assess the weather and pick a beach with the best 2 foot wave for training and go to that one.

We want a safe environment with suitable conditions and support from the IRBs so the crew members are supported.


Boaties Meeting

Team After the training session on Saturday morning there will be a boaties meeting at the club 1130 for 20 minutes to discuss the following:

–          Team training and coaching – Weekly and Monthly

–          Sweep training and coaching

–          Key positions roles and responsibilities

–          Calendar for the year

–          Robe planning


Aaron 0421054518


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