Aussies updates

Training times this week
Tonight (Monday) skis 4:45pm
Tuesday boards 4:45pm
Wednesday skis 5:30pm (be ready as I’ll be coming straight from uni)
Friday boards 4:45pm
Sunday if weather and conditions permit surf training

Monday 11/4 Skis 4:45pm

Tuesday 12/4 Boards 4:45pm followed by trailer loading

Wednesday 13/4 club swimming 7pm.

Just a reminder that the trailer will be loaded Tuesday 12th April from 6pm. All gear must be tied down personally. All boards and skis will be secured using board straps NOT rubber tubes. Any eskies, chairs or other gear that wants to be sent with the trailers will need to be tied down (don’t just drop and run).

If you can not make trailer loading please ensure your gear is at the club, board in a cover and fin removed with tie downs on cover ready to go (and let someone know).

All competition gear takes priority. If there is room after that then surfboards, training boards for non competitors or nipper boards from younger siblings can then be loaded. Again fins out if possible.

Please let us know what extra gear will be taken ASAP. Other clubs may need spots, so if you are bringing surfboards, nipper boards or plan on buying a board and bringing it home please let us know.

The board and boat trailers leave early Wednesday 13th. If it isn’t on it won’t be going.

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