A Message from the President


Our re-development contract will be signed this Thursday with building to commence on February 12th 2018.  Completion is expected in early August.  We have a lot of packing up to do to have the site clear and this will start from mid January.  Assistance from any members who are available will be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to be involved track down one of our Board members and they will be happy to discuss – even an hour or two here and there can be a huge help if a lot of us get involved.  We’ll also be looking for storage for a lot of what is currently in the club so if anyone has any contacts or innovative ideas we’d love to talk.


A Big Thanks to a Lot of People

The volunteer spirit around the club this season has been nothing short of fantastic.

We’ve had our regular volunteers, patrolling members, Nipper coaches and helpers, Canteen staff, water cover, Officials, trailer packers and towing, School patrols Board of Management, club officers and committee members.

We’ve also had a core of Bunnings BBQers, Social function organisers (Quiz, Balcony Sundays, Disco, Breakfast on the balcony), volunteer bar staff, beer line cleaners, window cleaner, admin support with pays and banking, event support (especially 2 weekends ago with the Open Water Swim, Carols by the Lake set up and pack up – members were on the job from 6:00am to 10:00pm), communications, and many more.

A sincere thankyou to you all, your contributions continue to build our club into a great place for us to meet and for our kids (and their kids) to grow up and develop into active, community minded people.


Mick Kenny

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