Volunteer Bar Assistants trial a success!

As you may have been aware for the last 3 months the Club has been trialling the use of volunteers from our senior membership in assisting the bar staff on certain days over the winter months.

Due to the success of this trial the Club would now like to extend this method of assisting the operations of the bar for the remainder of the 2016/17 season.

For the past 17 weeks the following 14 members have voluntarily provided their services and the Club wishes to sincerely thank them for their contribution to the revenue generation of the bar area; Carmel and Mick Kenny, Karen and Chris Mahney, Steve Weir, Steve Sims, David McGrath, John Stevens, Neil Bissett, Meagan Tunney, Geoff Cole, Ian Robbins, Jeff Bampton and Tony Lloyd.

For the extension of this voluntary assistance to the bar to proceed with the associated cost savings we are seeking further nominations to lighten the load (which is not too onerous anyhow) of those members from the above list that are willing to continue in this capacity.  In addition three further members had indicated their willingness to help. They are Todd Bampton, Andrew and Paul Spencer.

The use of our dedicated bar staff will continue as normal and the volunteers will be rostered in teams on occasions when only one paid staff member is engaged and there are no functions or events booked for that day.

The typical duties of the volunteer would not be primarily directed to customer service, but in returning glasses and bottles to the bar, possibly re-stocking fridges, helping move chairs, changing kegs, using the glasses dishwasher and helping to lock up at the end of the shift.  On very limited occasions it may be necessary to assist behind the bar with the bar staff operating the tills. These duties would only need to be performed if the bar staff are under pressure and cannot undertake these tasks without disrupting customer service.

With the new developments planned for the Club in the not so distant future we hope, it is important for the Club to maximise our sources of revenue to help pay for these improvements in facilities.

Any senior member interested in being included on the Volunteer Bar Assistant Roster, including those mentioned above, should place their name on the list posted on the notice board over the next 14 days.  We need approx 25 volunteers to make the rosters work efficiently.

For more information please contact Steve Weir.

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