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The BOM is interested in trialling the use of volunteers from our Senior Membership in assisting the

bar staff on some days over the winter months.

Everyone would be aware of the excellent service provided by our dedicated bar staff over the years

and that over the winter period, particularly on most Saturdays and Sundays, the number of

customers is markedly reduced. The BOM is keen to trial the bar running with only one paid staff

member with back-up provided by volunteers if the bar gets busy on any of the Saturday or Sunday

shifts when there are no functions or events booked for that day.

The typical duties of the volunteer would not be primarily directed to customer service, but in

returning glasses and bottles to the bar, possibly re-stocking fridges, changing kegs and helping to

lock up at the end of the shift. On very limited occasions it may be necessary to assist behind the bar

with the bar staff operating the tills. These duties would only need to be performed if the bar staff

are under pressure and cannot undertake these tasks without disrupting customer service.

It is hope to get enough volunteers from our more regular bar visitors so that we can form a roster

with a number of volunteers rostered for each shift. This will allow these members to share these

duties and work out their shift requirements between themselves with a team leader appointed to

coordinate and liaise with the bar staff. It is envisaged that each volunteer team would not be

rostered more than once a month over this 4-5 month period. Similar to the patrol roster.

With the exiting news of finally receiving Planning Consent from Charles Stuart Council for our

upgrade planned for the Club , it is important for the Club to maximise our resources of revenue to

help pay for these improvements in facilities.

Any senior member interested in being included on the Volunteer Bar Assistant Roster should email

Steve Weir at or contact Steve on mobile 0401 122 336 for further


The aim is to get 12- 20 volunteers.

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