Tuesday Training + Chiton Camp info

Tuesday Night Board Training

Please be aware that Tuesday night board training has now switched to 5:30pm on water at the lake. Someone will be at the club at 5:05pm to open the club and will be leaving for the lake at 5:15pm. The trailer will not be getting towed, nor will the person be able to fit people with them so please ensure you have a car with roof racks sorted. The training program has been posted in the Senior Competition Facebook page, so if you need to get on the water earlier and am competent, you can train earlier by yourself. Sean will be arriving almost on 5:30pm at the lake, so please be ready to hit the water so we can get as much done before it gets too dark.


Chiton Camp

If everyone could please start getting to the club as soon as they can on Friday, around 4:30pm would be good. We can load the trailer and get on our way. Dinner has been booked at Pt Elliot Pub at 7pm, but if we get there later, we get there later.
It does look like we will be having some good weather and maybe some good surf as well. Surfboards are allowed for those that surf, but training will come first. From memory the 8ball table is incomplete so if anyone has a full set and some cues at home could they please bring them so the table can be used properly.
Do not forget bedding (sleeping bags, pillows, and anything else you might like to sleep in), if people have gopro’s bring them along, footballs, soccerballs, etc are also encouraged. Do not forget your running shoes and running gear! And I hope I don’t need to mention High Vis anymore but there it is just in case.
AGM is at 3pm on Sunday afternoon so we will all be back for that, I really encourage that everyone who has voting rights stays because as much as things might get boring, some important information may come up that you need to vote on, or a position may be contested and if you’re not there then you can not complain if the person you prefer does not get in.
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