Radio Room 2015/16 season

Hi All,

As part of our Patrol Requirements we are required to provide 2 Bronze Medallion Holders to man the SurfCom Radio Room on three dates this season.

The dates are (between 11:30am and 6pm):

  • Sunday the 11th of October
  • Saturday the 12th of December
  • Tuesday the 26th of January (Australia Day)

If you are interested in assisting us meet these requirements please contact me on

Please note no experience is required, you will be provided with sufficient supported and partnered with someone with experience.  It is not a difficult task and as long as you are Bronze Qualified you will be more than capable of handling it! Every season we struggle to meet this requirement and rely on a small number of people so would be great to increase the number of people capable of assisting as we could then split these dates into shifts, meaning a smaller commitment for all!

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or to express your interest, will be much appreciated!


Georgia Robbins



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