Congratulations to Brooksy Patrol  for undertaking their Proficiency at the first opportunity of the season on Sunday 14th October.  The next opportunity is Sunday 28 October so please come along from 11:30am.

This is a good time to be completing your online component and here is the link:

There is help guide at:

The following needs to be completed:
Resuscitation and Radio (SRC and Bronze)
Powercraft (IRB crew & Driver)

All Patrolling members are also required to complete Safer Clubs and Safeguarding Children and Young People Awareness Course which is located in the Safety and Wellbeing rather than in the Skills Maintenance.

Future Proficiencies:
Sunday 25 November – Tidswell Patrol
Sunday 2 December – Simsy Patrol
Sunday 9 December – Lloydy Patrol
Saturday 15 December – Wickman Patrol
Saturday 29 December – Jones Patrol

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