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Proficiencies 2014/15 Season!

Its that time of year again! The end of year is fast approaching which means all proficiencies need to be completed ASAP.

We are running things a little differently this year, instead of having many nights when proficiencies are run they will be completed whilst on Patrol. As all members who are proficient should be rostered onto a patrol this means 95% of people will complete it during their rostered patrol hours.

Michael, Jennie and Rob Charlton have established which days they will be attending each patrol, which are listed below. If you are not able to attend your patrol date listed (or are not rostered onto a patrol for reasons discussed with Alex and I) please ensure you attend another. It is unlikely any other dates will be added (unless special circumstances arise).

Ducky Patrol (Captain – Georgia Robbins) – Saturday 8/11/14

Bampton Patrol (Captain – Kenny Tunney) – Sunday 9/11/14

Jones Patrol (Captain – James Brogden) – Saturday 15/11/14

Lloydy Patrol (Captain – Celeste McGregor) – Saturday 22/11/14

Simsy Patrol (Captain – Marty Davidson) – Sunday 23/11/14

Wickman Patrol (Captain – Sean McKenzie) – Saturday 29/11/14

Freaky Patrol (Captain – Ben Mahney) – Sunday 30/11/14

Tidswell Patrol (Captain – Bec Franklin) – Saturday 6/12/14

Skeeter Patrol (Captain – Jennifer Hansen) – Sunday 7/12/14

Brooksy Patrol (Captain – Alex Cole) – Saturday 20/12/14


Please be aware of the time the accessors are putting in to making sure all of our members are proficient so please ensure you are attending one of these days, there are plenty of options to get yourself proficient and ready for another year!

Lastly as discussed at the beginning of the season any proficient Bronze Member of Semaphore SLSC is expected to be rostered onto a patrol (unless have alternative arraignment organised with Alex and myself) so if you are not on a patrol but wish to be proficient please contact me so we can place you onto a patrol.


If you have any issues or enquiries feel free to contact me at patrols@semaphoreslsc.com.au or on 0408 841 160

Your cooperation is much appreciated!


Georgia Robbins


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