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Port Adelaide Christmas Pageant Float 2016

We will be entering a float at this year’s Port Adelaide Christmas Pageant which is being held on this Saturday evening November 19 in Port Adelaide.  It would be great to have as many Juniors and Seniors marching as possible.

We will be towing two of the Surf Boats and will take up to ten juniors in each boat. Names will be taken on a first come first served basis but with priority placed on the younger children getting preference over the older kids. 

Dress for the day is:

  • Semaphore Skull Caps for all juniors and red Semaphore Shirts for all juniors that have them
  • Patrol hats and shirts for seniors and patrolling members.
  • If you are a non patrolling parent that wants to walk with the group, please wear any Semaphore gear that you have (you could always stop by the uniform shop on Saturday morning if you don’t)
  • optional tinsel and Christmas decorations.

Participants should be at Baynes Place (just South of Port Adelaide Railway Station) any time after 430pm and before 530pm. The Pageant kicks off at 6pm but there are many road closures and experience says getting a park starts getting tricky after 430pm. Our float should be recognisable with the two Surf Boats but our float number is 16.

Participants can be collected at Todd Street at the completion of the parade.

For any questions and to confirm your attendance and claim a place in a surf boat, please email Rhys Moult

More information can be found on the Port Adelaide website or on the Port Adelaide Pageant Facebook event page.

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