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Patrol Roster 2014/15

Dear Member,

Over the past few years, Semaphore SLSC has seen a dramatic decline in the number of patrolling members. This decline has led to a weekly struggle to cover our minimum patrol requirements with Surf Life Saving SA as well as an overworking of a small group of members.

This season we are optimistic that this will change. The Board of Management have backed our decision to follow in the footsteps of many other South Australian clubs and ask that each of our proficient Bronze Medallion holders is rostered onto a patrol.

We understand that being assigned to a rostered patrol has previously been an extensive commitment. This season each patrol will only have a maximum of six rostered patrols which equals to one patrol a month, approximately 20 hours across the season. This is significantly less than last season when each patrol was assigned 10 or 11 rostered dates. We understand that each of us have our own set of commitments outside of the surf club and this is why we are aiming to significantly reduce the level of commitment that being on a rostered patrol incurs.

This season we are lucky to have a strong group of Patrol Captains and Vice Captains who have committed to being an integral part of the changes in the patrol area. We will also be publishing the roster, as well as a number of support documents on our new website so that all members are aware of the changes that are occurring in the patrol area as well as expectations etc.

We look forward to your support in helping to meet our obligation with Surf Life Saving SA as well as keeping our beach safe this summer.

If you have any queries or issues please contact us on patrols@semaphoreslsc.com.au


Alex Reid and Georgia Robbins

Semaphore SLSC Club Captain and Vice Club Captain

*Please note the roster will be uploaded on the Patrol Page of the Semaphore SLSC website ASAP (due to a required update we are unable to upload tonight)*
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