Nippers March Past


Our Club has a long and successful history in March Past and we strongly encourage participation in this non atheletic event. Whilst it is a non-athletic event it is still a competitive event at Surf Carnivals with medals awarded at State Championships. Last year our A Team took out the Silver Medal. The last couple of years we have fielded two March Past Teams and would like to continue to do so.

Any nipper in a competitive age group (U8’s to U13’s) can join in. No experience necessary.

Mandy Morphett our March Past Coach holds training on Saturday from 12pm. Meet her on the grass on the southern side the Club

About the March Past event

The March Past is an iconic event within the surf lifesaving movement. It has been part of surf carnivals since the earliest days and originally consisted of teams of 20. The March Past is an example of the significant impact returned servicemen had on the development of surf lifesaving and competition in the early days.

In past years, clubs were not able to compete at carnivals unless they fielded a March Past team or someone marching with the club standard. As the teams were comprised of competitors from other areas, carnivals used to stop while the March Past event was in progress.

The March Past event involves a team of 12 marching in formation around a set course in time with music. The team includes members carrying a reel, wearing a belt and carrying the club’s standard (flag).

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