Night Owls Showdown

Night owls Showdown.

Tuesday night saw the much anticipated bare foot bowls clash between surfclub rivals, Semi old Boys (aka power) and Incredibowls (aka crows)

The first half saw the SOBs, Simsy, Horse, Wanga and Terry, under the guidance of Supercoach Chris Mahney, get off to a13/0 flyer only to have the crows, Jack, Leon, Sully and Neville, mount a third quarter comeback to be 16/8 down at the final break.

A 7 point end in the last snuffed out all hope for crows, as the Old Boys rushed to a 23/9 victory the whole Peninsula can be proud of.

(Please note: this report was written by a member of the winning team)


Semaphore bowls club president and surf club icon Andrew ‘Tojo’ Farmer presents cup to ‘Semi Old Boys’

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