Masters State Championships

Masters State Championships were held at Christies Beach on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March.

We had a small but dedicated crew of four compete on the Saturday – Steve Harris, Heather Eckert, Paul Johnston and Tina Williams.

Thanks to Tina who took on the role of Team Manager for the day.

The awesome results are as follows: –

Steve Harris – 6th ski, 6th boards, 7th swim, BRONZE flags, BRONZE sprints, GOLD 2k run

Heather Eckert – 4th ski, 12th boards, 9th swim, 7th tube swim, 6th flags, 8th sprints, 8th 2k run

Paul Johnston – 8th ski, 9th boards, 8th ironperson, 7th sprints, 6th 2k run

Tina Williams – 8th boards, 5th swim, 6th tube swim

Thanks to Vicki Harris who took some great photos (see below) on the day.

IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1240 (2) IMG_1239 IMG_1238 IMG_1237 IMG_1236 IMG_1235 IMG_1234 IMG_1233








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