Making surf boats more inclusive

Over the past few weeks the ASRL-SA and SLSSA have been working together to  make surf boats as inclusive at it can possibly be, while ensuring all those participating are kept safe.

Thanks to our dedicated group at the ASRL-SA, we have been successful in gaining some allowances for 3 carnivals this season.

The allowances for these special events are:


15 year olds will be able to row inside the area at the following carnivals

The following conditions apply:

  • Must be a financial member of SLSSA
  • Must be in training for their award and have completed the pre-bronze requirements
  • Surf hazard rating of 7 or below.
  • Helmets mandatory (normal SHR for carnivals is 13)
  • Must have an accredited S3 sweep
  • No points for club
  • Not allowed at state titles


Members of the public will be allowed to row in a community event or come and try event organised by surf clubs within SA.

The following conditions apply:

  • Surf hazard rating of 7 or below
  • Helmets mandatory (normal SHR for carnivals is 13)
  • Must have an accredited sweep
  • Must sign the appropriate waiver form


If your club is intending to have members of the public row at any of the three events listed above can you please notify the event organisers so that the appropriate paperwork can be completed. Clubs will also need to notify organisers if they intend to have 15yr olds rowing so that eligibility can be confirmed. This is a matter of urgency for the Somerton Shootout carnival as entries are almost full.

Thanks again to the following people with their assistance in making this happen. Andrew Bedford, Clare Harris, Mike Schetter, Devo, Bristles & Aaron.

For further information contact Aaron @ Semaphore SLSC on 0421054518

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