Junior update 28th November

Junior update this week includes:

  • Training Time Table
  • Rostered Jobs
  • Uniting SA Christmas Appeal
  • Youth Teams Carnival U12 to U15
  • Nippers Christmas Show

Training Timetable

Board Training – 4:45pm Friday – Sign-in and grab a board on the southern side the club. (proficiencies required)

No R & R Training

March Past Training – 12pm Saturday 2nd Nov meeting on the southern side the club.

Nipper Training – 12:45pm Saturday 2nd Nov muster on the southern side of club.

Rostered Jobs

This week the rostered jobs are:

Board Washing – Under 10’s

Post Training Canteen – Under 8’s (Enclosed Shoes Required)

Uniting SA Christmas Appeal

In a bid to help less fortunate families we are asking all of our Nippers to support the Uniting SA Christmas Appeal. 

Please drop a small non-perishable, unwrapped gift into the box by the Christmas/Nipper Board.  All donations will be delivered to Uniting SA on Monday 16th December.

The Christmas / Nipper Board is  is now set up in the North Western corner of the club next to the Bar.  

Thanks in advance for your support

Youth Teams Carnival 8th December -Moana

A Youth Carnival is scheduled for the 8th of December 2019 involving the Under 12 to Under 15 Age Groups. The carnival will start at 10am and is expected to be finished early afternoon.

Events will include:

  • Swim (sep male & female for each U12, U13, U14 & U15 )
  • Mixed Board Relay (2 x male + 2 x female) – U12/13 + U14/15
  • Mixed Wade Relay (2 x male & 2 x female) – U12/13 + U14/15
  • Mixed Cameron Relay (2 x male & 2 x female) – U12/13 + U14/15

Nippers Christmas Party – 14th December 2019

We will have our usual Christmas Breakup on Saturday 14th December after training and all families are asked to bring a plate – Boys are allocated Savoury and Girls Sweet.

Items are required to be cut and plated before delivery to the canteen before or during training (don’t forget to pick up your plate/serving container afterwards).

We have asked that items requiring warming be limited to 2-3 families per age group.

Training will finish early from 2:30pm and each age group will take turns going upstairs to the food, starting with the Under 7’s and moving through to the Under 13’s.

We will also have a visit from a very special person who usually dresses in a red suit!!!

Don’t miss it!!

Junior Calendar

Sunday 8th DecemberYouth Teams U12 – U15 (Moana or Seacliff)
Saturday 14th DecemberChristmas break-up
Sunday 15th DecemberJunior Carnival #2 (Glenelg)
Saturday 21st DecemberWest Beach Nipperthon
Saturday 4th JanuaryNipper training resumes
Sunday 26th January Junior Carnival #3 (Glenelg) Individual Events only – AM carnival
Saturday 15th February Junior Training U8 to U13’s (Normanville)
Junior Dinner – 6pm Normanville Hotel
Sunday 16th February Junior Carnival #4 (Normanville)
Saturday 22nd FebruaryR&R State Champs (Semaphore)
Sunday 14th MarchJunior States Day 1 (Pt Noarlunga)
Saturday 21st March Junior States Day 2 (Seacliff)
Sunday 22nd MarchJunior States Day 3 (Seacliff)
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