International Women’s Day

During the Monday “Jones” Patrol – we invited female members of the Club and from the community to come and try some different aspects of Patrol.
This included doing a swim around the cans.  One woman who came down had only ever been out in the water to her knees and completed the swim with Tina.

They had a go on the rescue boards, as well as having the experience of having a ride on the back of the Jetski and in the IRB.

One notable experience was Life Member Raelene Donnell doing things she hadn’t done before like jumping in the IRB and going for a ride on the back of the Jetski!!  The theme for IWD was “Challenge Yourself” and all women that took part did.

We also had a High Tea, which was mainly put together by Tina and Meagan McDonald, Rhys helped out as well.

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