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Care of Equipment

Members need to remember to look after all our Equipment as it is often hard and expensive to replace. The club vehicle was found on Monday full of sand. Underneath the car, the dashboard and including in the air vents. If you use it on the beach, please ensure you wash the outside down and vacuum the inside out. If you have to deflate the tires to get on or off the beach it is YOUR job to re-inflate them. We have a compressor and tire attachment in the patrol area, it shouldn’t be up to someone else.


From Aaron-

Right – I don’t get cranky often but the careless driving of ATVs running into the old Snowy Wallace Wooden surf boat in the Patrol room is starting to get to me.  The boat is an excellent piece of rowing history is one of a few remaining wooden surf boats in the country, triple laminate wood only a few millimetres thick. We want to restore it this winter and already the original irreplaceable sponsor decal and the first layer of laminate is damaged.




Please ensure we are looking after all boards and skis as we are less than 5 weeks from senior states. Getting equipment fixed now is extremely hard

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