A Call to Duty for Junior State Titles

Semaphore SLSC has the great honour of hosting this year’s Junior State Titles on March 17th, 18th and 19th.  It’s a massive event for our Club and one that will no doubt be successful.

These events don’t run themselves though and so we are seeking the support of our wonderful membership to make this a cracker!  For a few weeks now several lists have been circulating and members have been encouraged to select a job and time-slot.  We appreciate those members that have already signed up, some for several shifts across the two days.  But there are still several gaps across the two days, particularly the Food and Drink Tents.

Whilst this is a Juniors carnival, it’s a whole club event and that means that we are all going to benefit from it and we are all responsible for it’s success.  We are looking for parents from Juniors, as well as Seniors, Masters and non-competing members to share the load.  Many hands make light work!  So many of us receive great benefits from our Family Club.  We have a tireless team of volunteers, week in week out, that get the job done.  Let’s make sure it’s not left up to those same people to cover such a significant event.

So let’s do this team!  Find a reason to make a difference.  Part of being in a Club is contributing to the Club.  We know we have got the right members to take this on board.  Make the commitment and share in the experience of the weekend.

Please call Lorren on 0432 497 107 and help make our Family Club a place to be proud of.


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