A huge thank you to all our amazing volunteers

This year we had nearly 400 donations for our cross country cake stall and we sold out of all the beautiful and tasty treats.

Thanks to the expert baking skills of Gill, Heather C, Heather A, Michelle, Tina, Hickman Children, Jo, Clee Clan, Tina, Brenton, Trudy, Tracy, Wardy, Dogsy & Carol and Megan, Tunny’s Mum.

Our experienced BBQ cooks LLoydy and Wazyl kicked off the cooking with support from Dogsy, Trevor, Freakie, Todd, Jeff and Brad.

All the kids enjoyed themselves and kept Trudy, Michelle, Tracey and Heather very busy dishing up cakes, snags and cold drinks.

With all the efforts and helpers to keep things going we had a great day selling out of all our stock, raising ……

$1083 and 10 cents for the Surf Club.

Extra special thanks to Brad & Trudy Tunbridge who organised everyone.

Well done and Congratulations to all involved.

Red Black & White is Dynamite!

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