Robe – Senior Competition Wrap-Up

Although we only had a very small group of seniors compete at Robe it was a very successful weekend. With this now counted as an ‘official’ carnival this season we accrued points. When you read the results below you will see that we did very well!

Before the results though it is important to acknowledge those that ensured the weekend ran smoothly: –
– first and foremost – Craig Lienert. Craig organised the accommodation, towed the seniors trailer and organised breakfast for everyone that stayed at Tarooki. As is always the case he made a huge effort!
– our officials – Raelene, Pat, Tony, Michael and John
Deb Martin for providing water cover for the U14s group
Richard Martin for being photographer
Nev Schulz – U17 team manager and Daryle Rigney – U14/15 team manager. Nev and Daryle have summarised the days results below.
– Special thanks to Damian Brogden who organised a fantastic meal for all competitors and supporters on the Saturday night.

From Nev: –
There were four U17s that competed – Nic Schulz, Danny Humphrey, Sam Squeo and Cooper Lienert.
Some great results by these lads including: –
Swim – 1st Nic, 2nd Danny, 3rd Sam, 7th Cooper
Swim team (all four) – 1st
Ironperson – 1st Nic, 2nd Sam
Ski – 2nd Danny, 4th Nic, 7th Sam
Board – 2nd Nic, 9th Danny, 10th Cooper, 11th Sam
Board Relay – 2nd (Nic, Danny & Cooper)
Ski Relay – 2nd (Nic, Danny & Sam)
Taplin – 1st (Nic – swim, Danny – ski & Cooper – board)

From Daryle: –
Josh Larven had a good day with some promising results in challenging conditions.
Swim – 5th
Ironperson – 3rd
Board – 5th

Lindsey Ould unfortunately was not feeling the best and didn’t compete in any events on the day.
Maiye Rigney
Swim. She was hit by a wave and took in a mouthful of water. Did not finish the race.
Flags – 7th
Frank Martin
Flags – 9th
Swim – 5th
Board – 10th
Zac Buck
Flags – 3rd
In this event he had 3 run offs with a competitor from Normanville until finally the officials could not separate them and put them both back in the competition only for Zac to just miss going through to the final two!
Swim – 11th
Board – 12th
Ironperson – 6th
I want to give a special mention to Zac. He only joined the club last year having never competed previously in surf lifesaving and has improved dramatically. He’s a natural athlete with a ‘can do attitude’ and is always willing to put his hand up to do an event. Great effort Zac in challenging conditions!

Team Events
U14/15 Board Relay – Josh, Frank, Zac – 6th
U14/15 Cameron – Frank (Swim), Josh (Board), Zac (Runner x 2) – 5th

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