2015 Youth Development Camp

Last week 6 kids from Semaphore were part of SLSSA’s youth development camp.


Under 12’s          Jemma Bennett & Jasmin Gibbons

Under 13’s          Lindsay Ould & Connor Tunbridge

Under 14’s          Seth Bartlett & Josh Larven


The camp was made up of 80 kids from 15 clubs who were all chosen as representatives of their respective clubs.

The kids took part in surf education lessons, body boarding, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and pool rescue competitions.

All the kids had a great time, made new friends, learnt new skills and had huge amounts of fun.

While on the camp as a supervisor, I too got to take part in some of the activities. All the kids will tell you what a great surfer and paddle boarder I was.

This was a great opportunity for the club and as a supervisor I would recommend this camp to all future leaders of our club.

Well done to all the kids involved you did yourselves, families and club proud by your attitude and behaviour last week.



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