Timed Swims for Upcoming Youth SRC and Bronze Course

Youth members registered for the upcoming SRC and Bronze Course to be held at Grange SLSC on the 6th and 7th of October 2021 will need to ensure that:

  1. Membership Renewal has been competed and they are fully financial for the 2021/22 season
  2. Completed their required Timed Swim at Largs Pool. Requirements being 200m in 5mins for SRC and 400m in 9mins for Bronze

Membership Renewal

To complete your membership renewal please see our memberships webpage for links to the Membership Portal and Help Documents to assist you to complete the renewal. http://semaphoreslsc.com.au/memberships-semaphore-slsc/

Timed Swim

Club Instructor Andrew Spencer will be at Largs Pool at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd September to conduct a timed swim for all participants.

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