Final SRC/Bronze and ARTC Proficiency Saturday 23 December 2017

Congratulations to our 36 Fully Proficient Bronze/SRC Members. We have 16 Proficient IRB Crew  and 10 proficient IRB Drivers. We have 7 newly qualified ATV Drivers.

Final SRC, Bronze and ARTC Proficiencies and ATV assessment are on Saturday 23 December & will run from where Patrol sets up.
Please complete online proficiency before attending. Please note everyone is welcome to come do dry proficiency from 1pm. Swim & rescues will be at 3pm & ATV Assessment from about 3:30pm.

Online proficiencies for 2017-18 Season are here at (please use Chrome or Google to access this even when using devices as Safari results in the course not being logged as completed. Once logged in (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006) go to courses at the top of the page this takes you to SLSA E-Learning press login. Once in press Training Library and pick Skill maintenance. Pick 2017/18 courses.
SRC and Bronze Resuscitation and radios and IRB crew and drivers to do the powercraft


Bronze Medallion Achievement

Congratulations to the 5 SRC’s who achieved their Bronze Medallion

Congratulations to Jessica, Hannah, Lindsey, Maiye and Zac for achieving their Bronze Award at assessment on Saturday 9 December at West Beach. The first SRC to Bronze Group trained by the Brooksy Training Patrol. Congratulations to Andrew Spencer for completing his first Assessment as a probationary assessor.

Seacliff SPR results

Congratulations to our competitiors that took part in the Seacliff SPR on the weekend. We had some great results across the board. We started the day off with Zac Buck winning the open 5km run.

In the water we had competitors competing in different categories, sorry if we missed anyone, with no clubs next to names it was hard to find our competitors at times.

U11-U13 SPR (500m Swim, 1km board paddle, 1km run)

Amy Buck 9th

Lilija Zampatti 10th

Jackson Clee 20th

U14-U15 SPR (1km swim, 2km board, 2km run)

Tegan Richards 3rd

Ella Andrews 4th

Cooper Clee 14th

Naish Allen 15th



Some great results with some fast times from everyone!


Club Raffle

Don’t forget to return your sold or unsold tickets at the beginning of junior training this week.

A Message from the President


Our re-development contract will be signed this Thursday with building to commence on February 12th 2018.  Completion is expected in early August.  We have a lot of packing up to do to have the site clear and this will start from mid January.  Assistance from any members who are available will be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to be involved track down one of our Board members and they will be happy to discuss – even an hour or two here and there can be a huge help if a lot of us get involved.  We’ll also be looking for storage for a lot of what is currently in the club so if anyone has any contacts or innovative ideas we’d love to talk.


A Big Thanks to a Lot of People

The volunteer spirit around the club this season has been nothing short of fantastic.

We’ve had our regular volunteers, patrolling members, Nipper coaches and helpers, Canteen staff, water cover, Officials, trailer packers and towing, School patrols Board of Management, club officers and committee members.

We’ve also had a core of Bunnings BBQers, Social function organisers (Quiz, Balcony Sundays, Disco, Breakfast on the balcony), volunteer bar staff, beer line cleaners, window cleaner, admin support with pays and banking, event support (especially 2 weekends ago with the Open Water Swim, Carols by the Lake set up and pack up – members were on the job from 6:00am to 10:00pm), communications, and many more.

A sincere thankyou to you all, your contributions continue to build our club into a great place for us to meet and for our kids (and their kids) to grow up and develop into active, community minded people.


Mick Kenny

Junior Weekly Report

Message from Junior Convenor Bruce Moseley:

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Semaphore Nippers and their parents a Merry Christmas and safe New Year, as well as send a special thank you to all the Age Managers and Assistants for their hard work in the first half of this season.  We couldn’t do this without you!!”


There are a number of things to note this week:


Board training

Friday night Board Training will take place as usual.  Meet on the grass at the Club at 5pm.  A minimum of 4 Water Cover volunteers is required for training to go ahead.


Christmas Raffle

ALL Tickets (sold or unsold) must be returned by beginning of training this week.


Christmas Party/Break-up

Celebrations will take place after training this week. As such Nippers will finish at about 2:30pm.  There’ll be a visit from the man in the red suit at 4pm.

***Reminder this will be the last training for 2017.*** 



Junior Carnival 2 – Glenelg this Sunday.

Please advise your Age Group Manager if you are NOT planning to attend.

There have been no further changes to the details communicated via e-mail last week.  Any further changes will be communicated via e-mail as they come to light.

The carnival circular can be found via the following link:

but the event listing has been changed from the original and is shown below.

Post Carnival information – As usual MEALS will be available at the Club from 5:30pm with PRESENTATIONS to commence around 6:30pm.


Training will restart in 2018 on Saturday January 6th usual time and place.  

Come and Try will officially be finished after this week.  Anyone wanting to continue will need to sign up to a full membership. You can do so online using the following link

User documentation is also available on this page to help guide you through the process.


Branch Carnival Number 2.

Another Branch carnival is scheduled for Sunday  January 14th at Henley Beach starting at 9am.  Program is currently being defined and will be communicated soon.


Dates to remember

December 25th 2017     –   Members Only – Xmas drinks on the balcony

January 6th  2018          –   First Training back for 2018

January 14th 2018         –   Next Branch Carnival (Henley Beach)

January 28th 2018         –   Nipperthon 2018 (West Beach)

More Junior news

More junior news this week…

  • Christmas Raffle tickets – please remember to return all books whether all sold or unsold.  Those requiring more books or who didn’t receive one please see your Age Group Manager  There was also a request for a list of prizes so click here to access information you can print out.
  • Canteen Roster – Under 7’s  –  Your up Under 7’s, we need a minimum of 4 volunteers from your age group to help man the kitchen this week.  Remember closed in shoes, Please!!
  • Nippers Christmas Party December 16th 2017 –  After Training on the 16th we will be having a Christmas celebration with a visit from a very special person.  Please see the specific post regarding this celebration. In addition flyers with details will be handed out this at Saturday’s training.
  • Junior Carnival 2 December17th 2017 – Glenelg – The 2nd Junior Carnival has been moved from Christies Beach to Glenelg. Here’s the Carnival Program for your information and a link to the carnival circular. More info next week.

Please let your Age Group Manager know this Saturday if you are not attending.

Here’s the Carnival Program for your information and a link to the carnival circular

  • Dates to Remember
    1. December 16th  2017 – Last Training for 2017
    2. January 6th  2018 –  First Training back for 2018
    3. January 14th 2018 – Next Branch Carnival (Henley Beach)
    4. January 28th 2018 – Nipperthon 2018 (West Beach)

Last chance to pick up a Canteen Special for the year!

Head down to the Club during Nippers training this Saturday and grab yourself a $5 Nugget Roll!  It’s your last chance to grab a tasty treat before the Canteen closes up for renovations.

Nippers Christmas Party!

Be sure to join in the celebrations on December 16th when the man in the big red suit makes a visit to the Club!

Merry christmas

Weekly Junior Report

A reminder that there is no Board training this week.  Nippers will be as per normal on Saturday, with the Canteen opening it’s doors for the last time before renovations.  The ever popular $5 Nugget rolls are back!


Next week will be the last Nippers of the year and to celebrate the festive season we’ll be holding our annual Nippers Christmas Party!  See below for all the details.



As mentioned previously Junior Carnival Number 2 has moved to Glenelg on December 17th.  More details on that coming soon.

See you on the beach!