A note from the Youth Development Squad Coach

Thanks all for a great first year as the youth development coach of what will hopefully only become a bigger and better program. No training next week due to Jnr Qualifying and the following weeks are Club Champs, Junior and Senior States respectively. Thanks to all that helped and it will be back bigger and better next year.


Mentors Required: Families, Junior Members, Seniors and Masters to support new CALD Members 

Surf Life Saving Australia are looking for Mentors to work with the “Ride the Waves” Program for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Population.

Young People partaking in the Program will be linked to Surf Life Saving Clubs and this will provide Semaphore with an additional 25 members or more as we re-open in October 2018.  There is a meet and greet day on Saturday 25 February 2018 at Henley Beach Surf Club.  The club receives $100 for every mentor that we are able to provide so please if you can support a child, family or adult to feel at home in our club.

The Program is designed for new Australians, migrants and refugees, we’re keen to attract families but there’s no restriction with exception to a minimum age of 13.  We will make allowance to the age criteria if a family seeks to participate and they have one or two siblings just under the age bracket. Due to this it would be great if we could get a few Junior Families to attend as a family so that the new members could be included in social events as well as club events.  This will allow participants to connect with their peers and adults can take the parents under their wing.  It would also be great to have a few senior members to link in with the older teenagers and adults who attend.  It would be great to try and have 10 people attend the meet and greet.

Please register your interest with instructor@semaphoreslsc.com.au and identify if you can attend the session on Saturday 25 February and if you have a current Department Communities and Social Inclusion Check and Child Safe Environments Training.

Thanks in advance,



Lifesaving State Championships this weekend

The Lifesaving State Championships event is on this weekend. Senior R&R is on Saturday at Grange SLSC.  Marshalling is at 7:45am for the first event starting at 8:15am which is the U15 2 person heats. All events will run in order after this as per the Lifesaving State Championships Circular but, as always, is subject to change.

Sunday is the practical events for Champion Lifesaver also at Grange, with events to start at 12pm following the Champion Patrol event.

Good luck to all of our competitors.

Important message regarding Radio Communications

To Club Captains, Lifesaving, Chief Instructors, Radio Officers, Club Administration Officers as listed in Surfguard;

This season has seen SLSSA transition to a digital network for our radio communications. As with any change as significant as this, we have seen some teething problems. SLSSA and the SurfCom team are continuing to work together, along with our vendor, to ensure that we get the best network possible.

  • The “heartbeat” of the network has been adjusted to 1 minute. This will significantly reduce the amount of time radios will spend waiting for network acknowledgements, mitigating busy or off air events.
  • We continue to work towards installing the full repeater into O’Sullivans Beach boat ramp which will greatly improve the radio coverage in that area. Unfortunately, we have been delayed on delivering on this to its full capacity by means outside of our control.
  • There are further plans in place to improve coverage to those clubs that are currently experiencing outages.


We do acknowledge that some of the issues with the radio use comes down to the operator and how they use the radio. Correct use of the radio will vastly improve the communication system.

With this in mind, attached is the SLSSA Radio Network Information Sheet providing some basic information on how to use the SLSSA digital radios.


Included in the Radio Information Sheet are two links to training videos that detail best practice for radio use. They are as follows;

1.1 Radio Operating Techniques | Best Practice for Radio Users | Tait Radio Academy


2.1 How to use Radio your Microphone | Best Practice for Radio Users | Tait Radio Academy



Please ensure that this information, both the fact sheet and links to the videos, is circulated to ALL patrolling members. Distribute accordingly as appropriate to your club i.e. in your patrol rooms, radio rooms or by internal means.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Lifesaving Department.

Beach Management Course

Beach Management course will be held at the Henley SLSC on Sunday, 25 Feb 2018 starting at 8:30am.

This course is to assist Patrol Captains, Vice Captains and potential leaders in the following skills:

  • undertake work activities and accept responsibilities
  • set performance requirements and maintain team performance
  • contribute to team outcomes and support team cohesion
  • participate in a work team and communicate with management
  • prepare for beach surveillance and rescue
  • undertake preventive actions
  • complete beach surveillance and rescue recovery requirements
  • respond to casualties in distress.

Please contact Kate.Powell@surflifesavingsa.com.au


Youth Development training

Youth training is at 10am this Saturday.


It would be great to see everyone out there as we finish strongly for the season.


All U13s are asked to come out as part of their transition process into seniors the following year.


See you on the beach! 

Junior Weekly Report

Firstly congratulations to all those who attended and competed at the Normanville Carnival on the weekend.  The conditions were perfect and Semaphore competitors did our Club proud.  The depth of water was very confronting for some of our younger competitors but they showed courage and determination to have a go, many completing their first competitive swims.

A huge thank you to all of the Age Managers, assistants and parent helpers, as well as water cover volunteers over the two days.


Printable Nippers Calendar – Click Here


Board Training

Board training as usual this week, except with the board trailer being stored off site it will be on a BYO Board basis only.


Semaphore Training for all Age Groups this Week.

Back to normal this week with training at Semaphore for all age groups at the usual time.


Muster at 12:45pm        Training Starts 1:00pm



There will be a short meeting for U8 to U13 parents regarding State Qualifying and State Championship Carnivals and the nomination process.



Surf Life Saving SA has notified us of the requirements for Hi-vis Vests for both Qualifying and State Carnivals. Competitors may wear either Pink or Yellow (or the new combination Yellow Front, Pink Back version). However, the Hi-Vis Vest irrespective of colour cannot be faded, and that a competitor with a faded Hi-Vis will not be allowed to compete.

Please see Steph Breden this Saturday for any queries regarding this ruling or for information regarding obtaining a new Hi-Vis Vest.



State Qualifying Carnival – 24th Feb – Grange SLSC

We are beginning to get further clarification regarding the State Qualifying Carnival, while we do not have a schedule we do know which events are slated for each age group.


Under 8 Under 9 Under 10 Under 11 Under 12 Under 13
Sprints Sprints Sprints Sprints Sprints Sprints
Flags Flags Flags Flags Flags Flags
1km Team Run 1km Team Run 1km Team Run 1km Team Run 1km Team Run 1km Team Run
Buchannon Buchannon Buchannon Brace Relay Board Rescue Board Rescue
Board Relay Board Relay Iron Person Iron Person Iron Person


Your Age Group Managers will be asking you today if your child is available to compete.



It is important to understand that if you say YES, that once your child is included in a team then that team is relying on them in order to compete.  If you don’t show the entire team cannot compete.  Conversely if you don’t nominate to compete you will not be able to turn up on the day and expect to be included.


In addition, as the title suggests this is a qualifying carnival. This carnival’s aim is to reduce the quantity of competitors in specific events to manageable quantities to ensure the State Championships can run to a given time schedule. eg Flags – at qualifying competitors for each age group will be reduced to the final 16 who will then compete at the State Championships for Medals.


But it also means that if a team (Jo, Peter, Alex, Sam) qualifies to compete at the State Championships that same team (Jo, Peter, Alex, Sam) must compete.  There may be an allowance to alter a team member due to illness or injury but only after petition to the Carnival referee is successful. So again, when nominating for qualifying, please consider that you will be required to attend both Qualifying as well as State Championship Carnivals if successful.




Note – The 1 km Team Run will be competed down to Medals. That means that the Heats, Semi-finals and Finals will be run for each Age Group on this day, with medals presented at the State Championship Carnival 2 weeks later.


Club Championships – 3rd March

We have a date confirmed for Club Championships 3rd of Match.  On this day, not only will the Juniors have their championship competition we will also see our Senior compete.  Masters are also encouraged to participate.


              Seniors Start at 9am         –      Juniors start at 10am


Come down and see our Seniors in action, then muster at the usual place at 9:45am

More details to follow………..


 State Championships – 9th – 11th March – Glenelg SLSC

We are beginning to get further clarification regarding State Championships.  Whilst no Schedule is available the following will give you an idea of which events will be on each day


Day 1 – 9th March

From 5pm – 2 Person and 5 Person RnR Heats


Day 2 – 10th March

Sprints           All Age Groups              Semi’s / Finals

Flags              All Age Groups              Semi’s / Finals

Iron Person     U11 – U13                    Finals

Swim             All Age Groups              Heats/Semi’s/Finals

Board             All Age Groups              Heats/Semi’s/Finals

Wade             U8 – U10                     Heats/Semi’s/Finals

2 Person and 5 Person RnR                  Semi’s/Finals


Day 3 – 11th March

March Past

All Age Beach Relay

Beach Relay           All Age Groups              Heats/Semi’s/Finals

Swim Teams          U9 – U13                     Heats/Semi’s/Finals

Cameron Relay              U9 – U13                     Heats/Semi’s/Finals

Board Relay           U11 – U13                    Heats/Semi’s/Finals

Board Relay           U9 – U10                     Finals

Wade Relay            U8 – U10                     Heats/Semi’s/Finals


Junior Lifesaver of the Year Presentations


More information will become available over the next few weeks so please watch this space.



Junior Presentation Day – 12th March

(Day after State Champs)

Junior Presentation Day will take place on Monday 12th March (Adelaide Cup Day) with all groups in attendance U7’s all the way through to Under 13’s.  Timing is TBC but the day will involve the following:

  • Shaving Cream Fight on the Beach (beware parents if you’re on the beach you’re fair game, trust me, I learnt the hard way!)
  • BBQ
  • Presentations for each age group


Upcoming Notable Dates –


24 Feb        –     Junior Qualifying – Grange

3 Mar               –     Club Junior Championships

          9 Mar               –     RnR Heats

           10/11 Mar       –     RnR Semi-Finals & Finals

Junior State Championships – Glenelg

12 Mar      –     Junior Presentation Day U7 – U13

A proud moment for the Club!

Semaphore Surf Life Saving is very proud to see two of our prior Nippers whom are still active members achieve their dreams today. Proud moment for The Bisset & Purdie families. Great to see some of our other serving members got to graduation ceremony. Congratulations to all who graduated today.

Final ARTC Training for the 2017/18 Season

Andrew Spencer will be running his first ARTC course with support of Michael Kenny on the Training Patrol on:

Saturday 10 March 11:30 – 18:00

Monday 2nd April 11:30 until 18:00


You will be signed on for Patrol and training will commence once Patrol is set up and you will have breaks throughout the day to go for roving patrols and generally support the patrol as well as completing your award so if you are around and there are requests to cover these patrols please do offer to cover the members of the patrol that are away and get your qualification at the same time. Pre assessment will be at the end of at 3pm on the Monday 2 April.


Proposed assessment date at this stage is Monday 9 April in the evening depending upon Assessor capacity so please if interested but assessment date does not work let us know now and we can look at alternative date that works for this interested.


Please can you register your interest in this course with Jennie at instructor@semaphoreslsc.com.au


Thanks Jennie

Congratulations to New Bronze Medallion Holders and Assessors

Congratulation to Jack Zille who recently returned to the club for progressing from his SRC to Bronze Medallion on Saturday 3 February. Also Congratulations to David Sands who gained his Bronze Medallion on Sunday 21 January but unfortunately not managed to get a photo as yet. Thank you to the commitment of the trainers whom have covered training patrol over the last 3 patrols to ensure that all candidates have been able to be trained. A big thank you to Jennifer Hansen whom as well as training the October Holidays Squad has undertaken her 3 Probationary assessments with Surf Life Saving to become an assessor of Bronze Medallion and SRC. Please contact Jennie on instructor@semaphoreslsc.com.au if you are interested in undertaking any training.